“Your Girlfriend Is Used Tape” and Other Abstinence Lines

Wonder why abstinence only education has been mostly ineffective at preventing teen pregnancy and STIs? 


[Program Educator Shelly] Donahue performs one of several optional in-school activities outlined in the WAIT Training curriculum. Here, she uses a piece of tape affixed and reaffixed to a young man’s arm to demonstrate how sex can ruin a teen’s ability to bond later in life to a spouse. Donahue also points out in this excerpt how the tape represents the girlfriend: once-clear, now tainted and covered with bits of the boy’s dried skin and hair (his DNA). Donahue repeated the process over and over again. Each time the tape — the girl — pulled up more debris and lost more of its ability to make a tight bond.

Watch the other training videos, and read Andy Kospa’s story in Westworld.

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  • wendy-banks

    Ugh! What a load of horse-shit… Stupid videos!

  • crowepps

    Brings back memories of various fanatical monks screaming “Women are FILTH!  FILTH!”

  • concerned-feminist

    So, why is it only the women who become the used tape? Sounds like more double standards here.

  • purplemistydez

    A good abstinence line is the one were the instructor hands each student a piece of gum and after they chew it, the instructor asks them if the students wanted to trade gum with the person next to them.  The message was pre-maritial sex is swapping gum and spit with strangers. 

  • elburto

    Eve was weak. Adam was pure and tempted by a wicked woman.

    That’s their mindset. Women and girls are mere ambulatory cunts designed to pass from their original owner (their fathers) to the highest bidder (husband) to propagate his spawn. No more, no less.