“Medical Field” Defines Pregnancy, Makes Anti-Choicers Angry

Anti-choice activists are still fighting their war against contraception, especially emergency contraception.  The latest argument?  It’s not up to the “medical field” to define when pregnancy starts. Via Christianity Today:

Drugs such as ella and Plan B are approved for contraceptive use because they prevent pregnancy. According to the FDA, the drugs are emergency contraceptives that should be taken within five days of “a contraceptive failure or unprotected intercourse.” They are not intended as routine contraceptives. Women who suspect that they are pregnant are advised to not take the drug.

Richard Land from the SBC dismissed such definitions. The issue, said Land, was the ending of the embryo, not the pregnancy.

“The ‘medical field’ is attempting to define something far above its pay grade. God has already made it clear in Holy Scripture that human life begins at conception, or fertilization, and all of the unique, biological characteristics of that particular child are determined at the moment of conception, not implantation (Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:13–16, Psalm 51:5). The use of taxpayers’ money to fund killing such babies is an abomination,” Land said.

I’m not anti-God by any means, but when it comes to medical procedures, I’d prefer to have a doctor’s input, myself.

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  • heathen5701

    Certainly not these mental flatliners from the SBC.  And I don’t trust the writings of a 2000 yr. old book that had none of the medical knowledge we have now.  These authors thought that the semen contained minature fully formed humans and the woman was just the incubator, for goodness sake.


    I am not one who is so well versed in the subject that I would be willing to base a law on my own assumptions.  That only leaves the experts in the field and they have spoken.  It should be a closed case.


    Except that one side doesn’t WANT that decision.  And this is where any zealots go off the track.  Want does not equal facts.  Only when they realize that, will they become informed in the debate.

  • crowepps

    Those people are certainly free to interpret the Bible that way for themselves and choose to not have abortions.  My interpretation of the Bible is that the momentous moment was “quickening”, which happens at about 16 to 18 weeks, well after the point where most abortions are done.


    These people are well aware of that, as you can see from the attention they pay on their websites to refuting it by talking about how “some mothers can feel baby move as early as 13 weeks” and “in reality your baby begins moving during the 8th or 9th week” (because 78% of abortions are done BEFORE 10 weeks, at the teensy insensate blob UNmoving stages).


    Of course, their view of what the Bible says, and my view of what the Bible says, is totally irrelevant anyway, since we’re talking about medical care and not religion, and if we were talking religion, the women involved would have the freedom of conscience to be or not be religious, to be or not be Christian, and to take the action they felt appropriate based on THEIR beliefs, not Land’s or mine.

  • concerned-feminist

    The Bible is not a health manual, unless you believe that the only way to cure what ails ye is by prayer alone. In such case, be my guest, but don’t interfere with my choice of treatment.

  • trisharx

    I am a scientist. I am a health care provider. I am a teacher. I am faithful. And I work with teenagers in classroom, community and clinic settings. This debate makes me crazy!

    How about taking all the energy doing the point/counter point thing and starting from where both sides meet and where both sides have lots of work to do … in cooperation with each other!

    We keep going back and forth discussing, debating and arguing. In the meantime, the United States still has the highest teen and unintended pregnancy rate in all the developed countries.

    This is not rocket science. As interesting as both science and the Bible are, we do not need more clear definitions of pregnancy nor do we need any more Bible quotes to do what needs to be done!

    We need education that improves self esteem, character, and connects people with their passion, purpose and vision and teaches them goal setting and decision making skiils as well as refusal and delay skills … ALONG WITH … comprehensive sexuality education just in case they decide to explore their God-given gift of sexuality.

    The end result is a solution to a big problem resulting in reduced unintended pregnancy, less abortion. and happier, healthier, more engaged young adults and babies.


  • lageorgia

    I am a Christian who has taught the Bible for over 20 years. There is NOTHING in the Bible that states when an embryo becomes human. The medical def. is when breathing on its own is possible. NO ONE likes abortion but at times it is the better solution to a problem pregnancy. There is also nothing in the Bible against using birth control. These people are scary. 

  • reverend-rebecca-turner

    Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I chose you.”  God is calling the prophet into action and assuring him of God’s ongoing care.  It certainly does not mention conception or fertilization.  One could as easily claim that God knew us as a separate egg and sperm before our parents ever met.  And indeed some do, as this is their excuse for opposing contraception.

    Psalm 139:13–16  “You knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Here the poet marvels on the process of becoming human.  Again, nothing about conception.

    Psalm 51:5  “In sin did my mother conceive me.”  Or as some translate it “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”  This one actually mentions conception.  The poet may be remarking on the illicit actions of his parents, or may feel that all sex is sinful.  But in the context of the entire poem, he is lamenting the wrongs in his life and asking for forgiveness.  To say that this verse defines conception as the beginning of pregnancy would be to say that the poet literally meant he was sinning as a conceptus. 

    Those who want to turn the Bible into a science book are missing the point.  In turning poetry into dogma, they completely rob the Bible of the joy and grace that these verses offer to those who have messy lives. 

  • beenthere72

    In turning poetry into dogma, they completely rob the Bible of the joy and grace that these verses offer to those who have messy lives.

    Beautifully put, Reverend!