Did Bachmann Anger the Pro-Life Community at the Debate?

Could Michele Bachmann have possibly overstepped with the anti-abortion crowd during last night’s debate?  It seems that her attack on fellow candidate Tim Pawlenty over abortion may not have gone over as well as she had hoped.

Via Lifenews.com:

Bachmann sought to make it appear Pawlenty deviated from his fiscally conservative record by raising fees on cigarettes and she also made it appear Pawlenty agreed to a bill that revoked pro-life protections for unborn children.

“I was very vocal against that tax, and I fought against that tax. The problem is, when the deal was put together, Governor Pawlenty cut a deal with the special interest groups and he put in the same bill, a vote to increase the cigarette tax, as well as the vote that would take away protections from the unborn,” Bachmann said. “I made a decision, I believe in the sanctity of human life. And I believe you can get money wrong, but you can’t get life wrong. That’s why I came down on that decision that I made.”

However, Bachmann’s comments on the bill are at variance with the facts, as the bill contained a pro-life provision supported by Minnesota’s biggest pro-life group.

During the debate over the legislation, Republicans in the state legislature added a pro-life provision to the bill containing the fees in order to attract more conservative support for the legislation. Specifically, they added a new law, the Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act, that made Minnesota the second in the nation to have a law requiring abortion practitioner to tell women about the pain their unborn child will experience during a later-term abortion. Under the law, abortion practitioners are also required to allow women more than 20 weeks along and considering an abortion to request that anesthesia be given to the unborn child before performing it.

The law drew the praise of the “special interest groups” Bachmann condemned — notably Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life. MCCL spokeswoman Jackie Moen said at the time that the bill helps people to “know that these are unborn children, and they can feel pain.”

Looks like Pawlenty might finally have found a weakness he can exploit. Too bad for his campaign that it is likely far too late to do him any good.

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  • jimthompsonmensrightsvideos

    Everything said on the campaign trail is just talk.

    The reality is that a Romney or Perry/Bachmann administration will finally get down to business of de-funding ridiculous and Anti-Life murderers like Planned Parenthood.

    I look forward to seeing Bachmann in the White House (probably as VP) and personally shutting the doors on Planned Parenthood offices all across America.

    Go Michele!

  • forced-birth-rape

    Who else is against women and girls being able to escape unwanted pregnancy? Anders Behring Breivik


    Anders Behring Breivik christian terrorist, pro-forced-birther.

    What he thought about womens rights, women need to breed, breed, breed.

    He has the same ideas for women as republicans, conservatives, christians, catholics, and pro-lifers.


    1. Limit the distribution of birth-control pills (contraceptive pills): Discourage the use of and prevent liberal distribution of contraceptive pills or equivalent prevention methods. The goal should be to make it considerably more difficult to obtain. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points but would degrade women’s rights.

    2. Reform sex education: Reform the current sex education in our school institutions. This may involve limiting it or at least delaying sex education to a later age and discourage casual sex. Sex should only be encouraged within the boundaries of marriage. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points.

    3. Making abortion illegal: A re-introduction of the ban on abortion should result in an increased fertility rate of approximately 0,1-0,2 points but would strip women of basic rights.

    4. Women and education: Discourage women in general to strive for full time careers. This will involve certain sexist and discriminating policies but should increase the fertility rate by up to 0,1-0,2 points.

    Women should not be encouraged by society/media to take anything above a bachelor’s degree but should not be prevented from taking a master or PhD. Males on the other hand should obviously continue to be encouraged to take higher education – bachelor, master and PhD.

  • crowepps

    They also plan on Defunding Social Security, Defunding Medicare and Defunding Disability and Veteran’s “welfare” pensions.


    I’m sure your smug satisfaction that women are once again dying by the 10’s of thousands will keep you happy while you join the homeless.

  • piercebutler

    Why do you (the author here, and RH Reality Check generally) use the dishonest descriptor “pro-life” except when quoting others?

  • plume-assassine

    Jim, your posts are comedy gold. Are you actually looking to have a discussion with anyone here or are you the troll-and-go type?


    Knowing that 1 in 3 American women will have an abortion, what do you propose should be done about these “”murderers””?


    Oh, and by the way, shutting down Planned Parenthood will not stop abortions or stop the use of contraception. 99% of people in the US use some form of birth control. And if abortion access is limited (by shutting down clinics) or made illegal, it will never go away — the rate will remain the same, but the procedure (as an illicit “back alley” medical procedure) will become much more dangerous.


    In fact, it is you who espouses “Anti-Life” philosophy.

  • ahunt

    So Jim…do you have any objections to the PPs that do not perform abortions. If so, why?

  • concerned-feminist

    Michelle Bachman is a traitor to the very people she claims to empower. She wants a position in politics like a man, but expects all other women including herself to remain subservient to thier ideology. 


    Jim, do you sometimes put on a dress & wig & speak at Tea Party rallies? She sounds a lot like you. Does Marcus know? He’s extremely homophobic you know. If he finds out you’re really a man, he’d be devistated (We all know people like Jim/Michelle would be too damn smug to ever be in a position that would prove thier gender to anyone else, let alone find someone willing to care.)