Pawlenty Rides The Anti-Choice Bus Through Iowa

If you’re looking for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, you might need to check the bus — the Susan B. Anthony List Values Bus.

Via KCRG in Iowa:

Anti-abortion activists were joined by Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty as they launched a bus tour promoting their conservative agenda.

Speaking Tuesday morning outside the Iowa Capitol, Pawlenty touted his record in support of abortion restrictions while governor of Minnesota. He told a small knot of people watching the launch of the tour that anti-abortion forces will eventually win the debate by being persistent.

Pawlenty was said to be touting his record as an anti-choice governor.  One can also assume he brought up the huge amounts of money his legislation funneled to anti-choice groups in the state via his “Positive Alternatives” program, a governmental cash cow for religiously-based crisis pregnancy centers.

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