At Germantown Clinic Protest, Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman Calls Pregnant Woman “Bitch”

VIDEO: Volunteer Describes Exchange with Troy Newman

The volunteer whom Troy Newman called a “bitch,” explains what happened.

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Here’s a scene from Germantown, Maryland, where hundreds of clinic defenders have been gathering to peacefully protect the clinic where Dr. LeRoy Carhart will provide care to women in need of late abortions.

On one side of the street, a block away from a small group of anti-choicers, peaceful defenders held signs of support for Dr. Carhart.  One of the defenders, a pregnant 20-something woman, sat on the curb in the heat and humidity holding her sign.  A man darted across the street from her and started taking pictures.  He then darted back across the street toward her to take more.  Finally, he got down in the middle of the street in front of the pregnant woman, taking pictures of her.

She asked, in exasperation (an obvious reaction when someone is upskirting you sitting on a sidewalk, pregnant and hot) and concerned he would get hit by a car: “Who are you?”

His answer?  “I am Troy Newman, bitch.”

Troy Newman is the President of Operation Rescue, the group that applauded the death of Dr. George Tiller, and claims a desire to “protect and respect women.”

Dr. Carhart closed his clinic practice this week because he did not want to subject his clients to the harassment of Newman and his minions.

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  • piercebutler

    Did Troy Newman ever get caught up on his court-ordered child-support payments?

  • amanda-regan

    Are you serious? Because if you are, that would so make my day.

  • beenthere72

    I was googling about this and found this video of the protests:



    Got me all veklempt, at least the first half of it.

  • crowepps

    I’m sure her picture is going to show up on his website, or on the brochure sent with one of his begging letters, as a woman who went to PP for an abortion.  Without her permission for him to make money off her image, of course.

  • rebellious-grrl

    What a jack-ass! I’d probably punch him if he said that to me.

  • jennifer-starr

    This doesn’t surprise me at all–this man has a history of being nasty, especially where woman are concerned. What a hateful person. 

  • piercebutler

    I clearly recall reading that, about the same time Troy Newman relocated Operation Rescue to Kansas to focus on hounding Dr. Tiller, a California court was on his case about paying (an unremembered amount of) overdue child support.

    On the other hand, I can’t find anything about this in my email archives or in all the results from a search on or in the first five pages of one on (Since Newman is an accomplished media whore, and the issues of abortion and child support sometimes run together (not to mention the current Joe Walsh scandal and Randall Terry’s previous problems), my searches turned up a lot of red herrings.)

    So, I can’t back up my allegation, but I’m not quite ready to withdraw it either. Here’s hoping something else has come along to spice up your day!

  • ack

    I suppose jabbing with a “Stay classy,” has been so overdone with this guy it’s not even a jab?

  • marianne

    I say treat it as a part of his name, an old-fashioned, formal title a la “John Smith, Esquire.” XD

    Since he introduced himself as “Troy Newman, Bitch,” I’d be only too happy to call him that.