Steve King: “Preventing babies from being born is not medicine”

Watch Steve King rant against insurance coverage for birth control, claiming we will become a “dying civilization.”

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  • beenthere72

    Ugh, what an idiot.

  • plume-assassine


    How do these mouthbreathers even get elected at all? Does this idiot not realize that most people already use contraception on a regular basis? Duhhhh. GET OVER IT!

    Zero copay will only make it easier to afford and easier to obtain. Or, wait, did he just admit that he wants to keep people in poverty by forcing poor people to have more children than they want or can afford?

    Oh, and by the way, Steve King, it’s not my duty/obligation (or anyone else’s) to reproduce or “create a generation” or “sustain our race.” Gross!

  • crowepps

    Apparently Rep. King’s mother made it clear he was an “accident” and he wouldn’t have been born if she’d gotten a choice.  Too bad.  When the time is right, many women actually VOLUNTARILY have babies because they like children!  A radical notion, but their kids are sure lucky.  It would sure be a good thing if other women were also able to plan and space their children so they could also be born at a time when they are wanted and welcomed.

  • ack

    WE’RE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMED!!!!! No babies, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    As a not sidenote, I’d like to point out that I pay $60 per month out of my paycheck to pay for my healthcare. My biggest health care expense? BIRTH CONTROL. I pretty much go for my annual and on the rare occasion I think the medical field can do something when I’m sick, which amounts to about once every two years.


    Before this mandate, I was paying for all sorts of shit that had nothing to do with me. I’ll happily continue to do so. But Goddess forbid that some of those premiums go to keeping everyone else’s health care costs down by preventing an unwanted pregnancy IN MY FUCKING UTERUS. WHICH I DON’T WANT ANYWAY.


    This isn’t fucking free, people. I’ve been paying for it since I had a job.



  • crowepps

    Aside from the portion that’s withheld from your check, your employer sets aside part of what would instead be cash in your hand and uses it to pay an “employer’s share” of that health insurance, which averages $2 per employee hour worked.  If you work a 40 hour week, your employer chips in an additional $320 a month or more towards your health insurance.