Massachusetts Citizens for Life Starts Effort to Repeal State’s Health Care Law

Massachusetts Citizens for Life, an anti-abortion group, is beginning a process to attempt to repeal “Romneycare,” the state mandated law that required health care for all citizens, passed by Mitt Romney when he was governor.  The law is said by many to be a precursor to President Obama’s health care reform plan of 2009.

Via the Boston Globe:

Kyle Cheney of the State House News Service reports that Massachusetts Citizens for Life plan to file a petition to repeal the 2006 state requirement that all residents buy health insurance. The anti-abortion group planned to submit 10 signatures to Attorney General Martha Coakley today. If she accepts the language of the proposal, the group would have until early September to gather more than 68,000 signatures necessary to move the effort forward. President Anne Fox said the law has contributed to rising insurance costs and increased the number of taxpayer-funded abortions.

It stands to wonder whether this would help or hurt Romney in his presidential campaign.  Repealing it would possibly get the health care reform issue off his back, but the process for repeal would just continuously remind the GOP voters that he passed it in the first place.

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  • beenthere72

    I saw this story earlier as well and rolled my eyes.   Apparently they missed the memo – story in the news –  that says abortions are down since this legislation started.