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Florida Governor Rick Scott signed four new anti-abortion bills into law today.

No, wait, sorry, not good enough.  Let me try that again.

Expectant grandfather Rick Scott ceremonially signs anti-abortion measures.

Ah, yes, much better.

Expectant grandfather Gov. Rick Scott, Florida’s self-proclaimed jobs governor, shored up his conservative base Saturday with a ceremonial bill signing of four anti-abortion measures that are already law and went into effect nearly a month ago.

Scott, whose daughter Allison Guimard is five months pregnant with what will be his first grandchild, highlighted a controversial law requiring women to have ultrasounds and opt out of hearing the procedure’s details before getting an abortion. Scott’s predecessor Charlie Crist vetoed a similar bill last year.

“These bills are historic,” Scott told a crowd that included leaders from the Florida Baptist Convention, the Florida Catholic Conference and the Florida Family Policy Council. “It’s the right thing to be doing.”

Still, I guess it’s less heavy handed than, say, his “huddling with anti-abortion organizations.

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  • beenthere72

    1) I don’t think the title goes with this article?

    2)  It says that this was ceremonial.  Theatrics, perhaps, to woo those groups.   Not new bills though it wouldn’t surprise me if these guys just made up new laws that already existed just to make it look like they’re doing more and more under the false guise of being pro-life.