Facebook Status: I’m Knocked Up?

Finding it hard to decide how to tell your myriad of Facebook friends that you’re pregnant?  Now the social networking site has made it even easier, with an “Expected: Child” option.

Via the Today Show:

So, to see the new Facebook “addition” yourself, click on “Edit my profile,” then on the left-hand side of the page, click on “Friends and Family.” There you have the option of adding the names of family members by their relative status: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Sister, Brother and so on. You’ll also now see “Expected: Child” there.

A Facebook spokesperson said Friday the social networking site sees the add-on as “another way people can express their identity and show what’s important to them.”

I have also just learned that people set up Facebook profiles for their future babies.  And by people, they apparently mean “no one I have ever been Facebook friends with, ever.”

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  • outspoken-bitch

    I’d like them to have a child-free option for those of us who never want kids. Come on, let’s be fair here.