New Link on State Website for Pregnancy Center May Be Violating Separation of Church and State

Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s love of anti-choice policies violating the separation of church and state?  So claims the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who wants the administration to remove a link to Carenet, which “claims to be a place where ‘those struggling with past abortions are finding God’s healing and forgiveness.'”

Via Isthmus Daily Page:

Annie Laurie Gaylor, executive director of the Madison-based Freedom from Religion Foundation, accuses Walker of mistaking his role as “pastor-in-chief.”

“He took an oath to uphold a secular Constitution,” Gaylor says. “It’s inappropriate to steer people to groups that provide misinformation about abortion and birth control.”

Gaylor sent Walker a terse letter demanding that the link be removed, adding that “religious propaganda has no place on a government website under health and safety.”

Walker ran for governor with the vocal support of Pro-Life Wisconsin, who advocates against not only abortion, but birth control as well.

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  • concerned-feminist

    Walker needs to take a HIKE! If it’s not one thing it’s another with this guy. How did he get elected again? Wisconsin has traditionally tilted left & now it’s shifted completely opposite & not in a way that I’m sure many voters are appreciating at all.

  • crowepps

    Walker got elected by his big money backers, the Koch brothers, who were willing to pour endless dough into his campaign for favors to be collected later (like cheap prices at a firesale of the State owned power plants).  Walker used the money they provided to buy ads promising the hardcore ProLife misogynists that he would see to it that women who had sex were punished for it and pastors encouraged the SuperVoters to turn out so laws could be made that are anti-sex and pro-pain.  Now he’s running the state into the ground, and the smart young people with skills and options who don’t want to devolve into serfdom are fleeing.


    When you look at the demographics, it’s actually kind of funny in a sick way.  The Bible belt and the Midwest are all hysterical about ‘brown people having more babies’ and yet their efforts to solve the problem by forcing White women to have children and enforcing rigid gender roles is motivating young people to go to the coasts.  The bigotry discourages businesses from locating there, so the jobs evaporate and young people leave.  The more bigoted the social cues are, the more the most valuable population segments hemorrhage away, leading to a downward death spiral of lacking skilled workers, unattractive to business, fewer jobs, skilled workers leaving, MORE unattractive to business.


    As the percentage of the population that is elderly and filled with senile religiosity increases, the laws proposed become ever more outlandish and impell more young people to escape.  Soon the whole Midwest will look like an AARP meeting, and they’ll be abortion-free because nobody will be young enough to get pregnant.  In combination with the current drought cycle we’re headed into, I’d guess it’ll end up by depopulating the Great Plains to the point the Buffalo Commons will arise once again.