For Anyone Who Has Ever Been a Clinic Escort

I am posting this letter to the editor in honor of every clinic escort I have ever known:

I am writing in respond to The Gazette’s editorial on July 13 [“Outside abortion clinics, a call for civility”]. I’ve been at the abortion clinic in Silver Spring many times and never seen anyone trying to hinder or block women going in there. They’re there to offer these women prayers and information that would help them to see that abortion is not the solution. The clinic escorts are those who try to block and hinder the protesters.

Layla Vu, Takoma Park

Keep up the good work, you hinderers.

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  • stacey-burns

    And yet another way of saying, “the clinic escorts are those who try to block and hinder the protesters” is “the clinic escorts are those who try to escort the patients to their appointments unhindered.” 


  • ahunt



    “the clinic escorts are those who try to block and hinder the protesters”


    It always troubles me that people who write this drivel are so blissfully unaware of their idiocy.



  • ljdavid56

    I’ve escorted in Falls Church VA.  As long as the protesters stay on the sidewalk everythng is fine, but there are those that insist on blocking entrance to the driveways.  This is wrong–they do NOT have that right.

  • outspoken-bitch

    I clinc escort every Saturday morning and I see no hinderances from anyone but the protesters. They even have yelled out full names of people they knew and one even called someone’s parents about her aborting (she was in her late twenties and was not pregnant, just there for a test that turned up negative). They block enterances and have even put up signs directing women to the CPC across the street. I have been called names and even physically attacked for helping these women who are lost, alone, and deserve tp know ALL THEIR OPTIONS, not just the ones anti-choice agree with.

    When I was a teenager I was raped and feared a pregnancy. I ended up running from the CPC I ended up at (they basically told me I made up the rape to hide my sinful promiscuity) to a Planned Parenthood that DID NOT perform abortions (only three WI clinics do). There were people outside telling me not to kill my baby and praying for me, one even tried to grab me and stop me from entering. The escort was kind, understanding, and so brave in the face of these monsters attacking a scared 17 year old girl. Thank goodness I wasn’t pregnant.

    We NEED clinic escorts. I want to thank my fellow freedom fighters for standing up for vulnerable women everywhere.

  • moses

    Just curious, if protesters are willfully obstructing the entrance, how do escorts manage to clear the blockages without force? The police probably don’t care to have to shoo people from clinic driveways, and I imagine that the protesters resume their driveway-blocking after the police leave, anyhow. They’re like badly behaved gradeschoolers, abandoning law and testing people.

    I wish that authorities would be more willing to do something about the blurred line between what is harassing people with pamphlets and what is outright emotionally and verbally abusing people. There’s definitely something wrong with the way anti-abortionists are going about their protesting, but the man is reluctant to do anything to improve the situation.


    Original editiorial:


    And further blissfully biased editorial responses that bring their argument the full 360 degrees:


    The original piece covers all of the points that these two try to bring back around. The bigoted responses just undo all of the progress that the original editorial made. Hopefully an escort will write in and be heard.

  • beenthere72

    A big THANK YOU to *YOU* for helping those women!  

  • divine-oubliette

    Had the same problem at my Planned Parenthood clinic in downtown Ft Worth for my abortion, the anti-choice Catholics were there en mass that day. Somehow they try to convince themselves that they are their to help, yet they didn’t help me – they made that day worse for me!

    They didn’t care that I was terminating that pregnancy because of probable birth defects caused by herbal medications, they didn’t care I was still in college, they didn’t care my husband supported my decision, they didn’t care that 2 forms of birth control failed us – they just didn’t care!!!

    One of them got in front of my car preventing my ability to get into the clinics parking lot then they started shoving pamphlets through my open window. Security guards (mostly retired cops/military) were there to help by yelling at them and pulling them away from my car.

    Because they had stepped onto the clinic’s property and barred my access, the security guard called the cops and had them arrested. He later apologized for their behavior but told me with a smile that he had been waiting for them to screw up like that all day so they would get arrested.

    Every time I go for birth control and paps they are there trying to harass women going in, even if they aren’t there for an abortion. Protesters are there to HARASS, they are not there to do anything else but harass those of us who us services from Planned Parenthood and Women’s Health Clinics.

    Another Encounter with Protesters Caught on This Dad’s Cell Phone
    We had to abort our 16-week-old dying baby and were accosted by these zealots. Read more at the Good Men Project at and the entire story is on my personal blog at


  • concerned-feminist

    People too blinded by thier own bigotry & stupidity to realie they are attacking innocent people & clinics have always annoyed me to no end. Obviously the writer of this letter has never witnessed a real clinic protest in order to see what kind of sick shit these HYPOCRITES do to INNOCENT women going in for legit & unrelated reasons. I have even heard stories about protestors attacking women to the point of causing miscarriages of wanted pregnancies. It doesn’t matter to thes people. They don’t stop to rationalie that thes clinics actually offer more services to help pregnant women carry healty babies to term & support them than it does to abort or prevent. It’s assholes like these that lead people to abandon religion, because, seriously, why would someone want to accept someone as thier saviour or whatever if his followers portray him in such an unflattering light? It’s pathetic & I am thankful every day for clinics that offer escorts to help these poor people & protect them as well as the escorts themselves who risk thier own lives every day to stand up to injustice & protect the needy.