• jeff-fecke

    RISUG is probably the furthest along — it’s in clinical trials in India, and looks very promising. Speaking for most men I know, we’d love a safe, effective form of birth control — one more effective and less cumbersome than condoms. Not just because it would give us more control over when we become parents (which, as women know, is a good thing), but because it would take some of the burden for preventing pregnancy off women. Seriously, we’re quite okay with doing our part.

  • divine-oubliette

    All men have to do is soak their **** in hot water for 20 minutes a day and they become infertile. It’s simple easy, affordable, non-hormonal and yet no men ever consider it . . . 



  • circlesman1776

    RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance) or “Vasalgel” as it is called in the US, Is a ONE time shot in the vas-deferens. One shot of RISUG is effective for ten years and can easily be reversed by an injection of DMSO. This is not a gel that floats around the scrotum, it is a gel that stays locallized in the vas-deferens and hardens into a micro-channel that de-polarizes sperm as they pass through this tiny channel in the vas-deferens. There are no side effects and so far RISUG has been 100% effective in clinical trials of over 500 men and has been proven to be completely reversible. For more information on RISUG/Vasalgel please visit MCIP’s homepage that’s the Male Contraception Information Project. Or visit the WE WANT RISUG/VASALGEL facebook group page.

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