Bill O’Reilly says the Government Shouldn’t Pay for Birth Control Because Women Are Too Blasted to Use It Anyhow

VIDEO: “Many Women Who Get Pregnant are Blasted Out of Their Minds When They Have Sex, They’re Not Gonna Use Birth Control Anyway.”

Amidst a series of snarky comments to Leslie Marshall, Bill O’Reilly slips in his ignorant two-cents about government-funded birth control according to the recent recommendations made by the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Reproductive Health Report.

As we noted last week, the Institute of Medicine released a report in which it recommended that the health reform guidelines for preventive care that are being developed by the Department of Health and Human Services should include no-copay for contraception.  Since then the anti-choice, anti-contraception, anti-women conservatives have come out with a slew of ridiculous arguments as to why this is a bad idea.  Robin Marty pointed to the Des Moines Registers’ argument that without a co-pay, people have “no skin in the game” and may use more health care (in this case birth control) than they really need (I’ll take two diaphragms please?).  And, in her piece this morning Amanda Marcotte looks at arguments that say we will create a society based on “consequence-free sex” and are dangerously “decoupling sex from procreation,” and suggests that many of these arguments boil down to “Dirty sluts don’t deserve nothing.” 

One of those singing that tune is Bill O’Reilly, who briefly discussed the report in his Culture Warriors segment last week. He seemed outraged that the government would be forced to pay $4 billion just for the pill and argued:  “Many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex. They’re not going to use birth control anyway.”

O’Reilly either is a misogynistic ass or has spent years purposefully cultivating his image as one so quotes like this shouldn’t come as a surprise (and yet they do).  Perhaps we have to remind Bill that women don’t actually take the birth control pill right before they have sex, it’s a daily ritual. More importantly, though, we have to remind him that he shouldn’t be having sex with women who “are blasted out of their minds,” birth control or no birth control since they’re in no position to give their consent. 

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  • erzulie79

    I know this is preaching to the choir, and that Bill and Margaret simply can’t agree b/c they’re “conservatives” but come ON! A. The IOM recommendation only covers prescritpion birth control, so getting drunk and forgetting the condom doesn’t apply to this arguement. B. Getting “blasted out of my mind” rarely conflicts with my Depo appointment.

  • concerned-feminist

    Nice to see that O’Reilly no longer has to compete with Beck to be the biggest douche on FOX.

    I’ll remember that the best method is the “sponge thingy”!

  • beenthere72

    What a d-bag.  The women that soberly choose to sleep with him must be sadomasochistic.  

  • concerned-feminist

    Drunk like he was when he made those embarassing phone calls? What a nasty old hypocrite!

  • littledoe

    So here’s the thing… the government *won’t* be paying for it.  The insurance companies will, just like they pay for other things that are available without copays.  Unless I’m missing something, these people are putting one over on people – protecting the big insurance companies by claiming that the government will be paying. 


    (Yes, I understand that the government will be subsidizing some of the health plans for employers, etc., but it’s still a mandate that insurance cover it.  The government won’t be giving it out like candy, though that’s what they’d have us believe.)

  • nfgchick79

    Yep, every morning when I wake up “blasted” I take my birth control pill. I’ve managed to perform this function 100 percent sober for the last 13 years without getting pregnant. Imagine that! Also just curious, shouldn’t men (you know the men who are having that sex with the women) be happy about covered birth control? I doubt most men out there want to worry that their girlfriends/wives/FWB etc. are going to get pregnant every time they have sex. Correct me if I’m wrong but it take two people to have sex right? In order for there to be a pregnancy to happen that other party has to be a male right? Just checking, because it seems like all of these articles are leaving that part out…oh right women are the only “filthy sluts” having sex….

  • silverrose

    Explains how his mother conceived him…

  • princess-jourdan

    You make a good point, nfgchick…one that I have pointed out many times before. Yes, one would think that most men would WANT women to have access to birth control so that they don’t have to worry about becoming daddies everytime they have their fun. But from what I have heard from many males with my own ears sadly says otherwise. I have listened to single men talk about how women should just keep their legs closed if they don’t want to get pregnant…and yet these men are the ones who go out drinking and partying every week and try to hook up with a different woman after every outing. I kid you not. Sounds pretty hypocritical, right?!? I mean, I honestly don’t think they have ever even once stopped to actually THINK about how faulty their logic is–if we women are supposed to “keep our legs closed” all the time, then how do these dumbasses think they are supposed to get laid every weekend?? Are they REALLY that STUPID not to see the error in that train of thought, not to mention the sheer sexist hypocricy of it?? Unfortunately, it appears that the male species really IS that stupid…which is a big reason why I never got married. I have a male cousin who is a HUGE Right-Wing Republican and has been one of those guys spewing bullshit about how women need to stop having sex if we don’t want to get pregnant…and he has a kid and has had several live-in girlfriends. Hmmmm…so I guess he tells his girlfriends they shouldn’t use birth control because it’s immoral?? Or does he do one thing and preach another? It all makes me SICK!!!

  • colleen

    rather that he was just assuming that his personal experiences with heterosexuality were universal.

  • cherry-bomb

    Does he not know that women take their birth control pills in the morning when they wake up and not right before sex? What a ‘tard!

  • anonymous99

    I can assure you Princess that most men DO want their partners on birth control and are perfectly happy when you ladies keep your legs wide open.  You might want to be more careful about taking the thoughts of a few morons and ascribing them to other men.  The male species is really not that stupid.

  • princess-jourdan

    Anonymous, you missed the point completely. Of course men want us to keep our legs open for them at all times and don’t want to become daddies with every one-night-stand they take home…but that still isn’t stopping them from calling us dirty whores and bitching about how they don’t want to pay for birth control so we can act slutty. They talk out both sides of their mouth!! I suppose it’s just the old Double Standard at play. I did not say that ALL men think that way…but I sure have heard A LOT of men talk this way about women and birth control. They’re too stupid to understand that they can’t have it both ways.

  • anonymous99

    Believe me Princess, I’m with you.  I may not have worded my response very well.  I know these guys for sure – I’ve heard this more than I care to admit.  Double standard – yes!  Can guys really be this stupid?  Well, I’d really love to think noone could possibly be this stupid, but stupid is as stupid does, so yes.


  • epicurienne

    A woman would have to be “blasted” to have sex with him in the first place. If it wasn’t for alcohol, he’d still be a virgin.

  • canucanoe2

    Talk about talking out the side of your mouth. You are a lying hypocrit! You said “I did not say that ALL men think that way…” But in your first post you said “Unfortunately, it appears that the male species really IS that stupid..” Sorry but when you say “the male species” you’re talking about us all. Not only do I support a womans choice at the polls, but I financially support choice by contributing to planned parenthood. You are a complete asshole for lumping all men into the “stupid double standard” category. Bigoted people like you are a waste of breath.