Taking a Knife To An Abortion Clinic

Operation Rescue/Operation Save America has been laying a “siege” against Florida abortion clinics (and doctors, and clinic directors) by non-stop protesting both at the clinics themselves and the home addresses of employees.

Thank goodness it’s almost over.  It sounds like things were about to get really dangerous.

Via Ms. Magazine:

On Thursday, an FMF[Feminist Majority Foundation] organizer stopped known extremist Nicholas Heald of Wichita, Kan., as he attempted to invade a clinic. Heald had a pocket knife on his person, but it is unclear whether he intended to use it for violence. Heald was cited by police but not arrested. Heald is ‘friends’ on Facebook with some of the anti-abortion movement’s most extreme individuals, including Army of God adherent Neal Horsley and Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Yes, because there’s nothing threatening about an anti-choice harasser who just happens to be carrying a knife while trying to break the law.

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  • edward-craig

    Even if I were planning to get arrested I am not sure I would remember to clear my Swiss Army knife from my pocket.

  • jennifer-starr

    Well if I see a known extremist with ties to terrorist organizations (Army of God)–entering a building unlawfully, there’s probably a good possibility that he’s there for a violent purpose. Either way, I’d take them into custody and ask questions later. 

  • amadi

    I suppose its too much to hope that the police kept tabs of all the violent antis they cited (but couldn’t manage to arrest) during this siege and will be passing the info onto the DoJ…

  • concerned-feminist

    The knife is irrelevant. He was trespassing & making credible threats, which regardless of circumstance are illegal.