Obama Administration Asks New Hampshire to Restore Family Planning Cuts

Correction: This article has been updated at 10:00 am on Friday to correct the state in question.  It is New Hamsphire, not New Jersey.  We regret the error.

New Hampshire reproductive rights activists have a new ally in the attempt to get Planned Parenthood’s financial support returned.

The Obama administration.

Via Lifenews:

Following a vote in New Hampshire to cancel a $1.8 million contract, a state health department official says the Obama administration sent the state a strongly-worded letter to complain. The Executive Council voted on June 22 to revoke the contract and that vote went into effect on July 1 — making it so the abortion business is considering closing one or more of the six centers it runs in the Granite State that perform or refer for abortions

New Hampshire Health and Human Services Commissioner Nick Toumpas tells New Hampshire Public Radio that the Health and Human Services Department is claiming the state broke federal rules in denying the Planned Parenthood contract. He says HHS alleges that the state must provide family planning services to low-income women and that de-funding Planned Parenthood puts it at risk of losing federal funding by supposedly denying women access to family planning — even though other alternatives are available from other agencies.

Toumpas told the radio station that the Obama administration demanded New Hampshire address the points raised in its letter by August 15 and he said he worries the state may lose federal Medicaid funding if it doesn’t comply.

Will federal intervention help?  Or will New Hampshire fight the order, much as Mitch Daniels did in Indiana?

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  • kellybaden

    Am I missing something or is this article is about NH, not NJ?

  • alicer

    Nowhere can I find any news of this that doesn’t point back to the same website.  I have found no corroborating evidence, no link to the letter itself, a policy statement from the White House, etc.  Are you sure that this is even true?


    I live in NH and would like to know.



  • beenthere72



    Listen to the footage.  Apparently Nick Toumpas says so.  But this guy sounds like a liar in general.   Here he appears to blaming the administration for Medicaid errors he likely made himself:



    I don’t know what the Obama administration would have to do with something that happened in 2004.  

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