Anti-Abortion Activists Threaten Rent-A-Car Site To Stop a Planned Parenthood Clinic from Opening

Anti-abortion activists are taking another swing at shutting off access to women’s health care by threatening surrounding businesses.  This time, a group is believed to be threatening to picketf an Enterprise Rent-a-Car facility if it continue in its agreement to loan parking spaces to the Redwood City Planned Parenthood clinic opening across the street.  Without the additional parking spaces, the city says it cannot let the new clinic operate.

Via the San Jose Mercury News:

Michelle Tangunan, an associate planner for the city who oversees the clinic application, said that after the use permit was approved, Planned Parenthood informed the city Enterprise might try to pull out of the agreement.

Lupe Rodriguez, a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman, confirmed that the rental car chain had expressed “second thoughts” about making nine spaces available. Rodriguez said she doesn’t know why Enterprise might try to renege from its legally binding contract with Planned Parenthood.

Laura Bryant, a spokeswoman for St. Louis-based Enterprise, told The Daily News by email late Tuesday that the contract “is not executable because it does not have all the necessary signatures.” She did not elaborate or say whether there may be other reasons the company is backing out of the arrangement.

So what changed their mind?  According to one anti-abortion protester, it was their threats to demonstrate outside the business.  “They (Enterprise) were the ones that made it possible for Planned Parenthood to open up.”

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  • ahunt

    God, I hate piling on…but the alternative is to threaten Enterprise with a withdrawel of business if the business capitulates to these assholes…


    Sigh. I think not.

  • freetobe

    If those a– holes had walked on my property and spewed threats like that I do not care who they are I would call the cops on them or worse! How do they know someone does not own a loaded gun and is crazier than they are??

    As long as these people keep being “afraid” to deal with terrorists and the damn Government does not do a thing to stop this terrorism and that is what it is DOMESTIC TERRORISM Then we have to take a stand a LOUDER one than them and put these sicko’s in their place BACK HOME or in jails or in the phsyco wards where they really belong!

  • jennifer-starr

    The difference between these guys and the Taliban is that the Taliban would simply bomb the car rental place. But then again so would these pro-lifers if they thought they could get away with it. So maybe there isn’t a real difference after  all. 

  • crowepps

    Funny how these guys have an absolute right to try to drive someone out of business, while in Anchorage a man protesting the Mayor’s attitude toward the homeless gets a special law designed just to stop his protest that forbids “sitting or reclining on the sidewalk” because that “impedes the flow of pedestrian traffic”.

  • piercebutler

    Is it too much to hope for that the manager of that car-rental business has more courage and integrity than the President of the United States?