• justynashley

    This is an absolutely huge, groundbreaking moment for the feminist and reproductive justice movement!
    Would you like to support no-cost birth control?
    Sign Choice USA’s Prevent-a-Pact petition (since virginity pacts don’t work, but birth control does..) at http://www.bit.ly/prevent-a-pact, because people deserve access regardless of class and we want to stand behind the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation and support Secretary Sebelius in this fight for no-cost birth control!
    This health care reform is creating a revolution, be a part of the change!!

  • saundra-pelletier

    WomanCare Global applauds the IOM recommendation that birth control should be covered without copay by insurance companies. Every woman, no matter where she lives, should have access to contraceptives to improve her ability to care for herself and her family. This is true for women in the U.S. as well as for women in developing countries, where 215 million women lack access to affordable, quality reproductive health products. The cost of contraceptives should not be a barrier to access.  


    Saundra Pelletier, Chief Executive Officer, WomanCare Global


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