Another Anti-Abortion Activist Accused of FACE Act Violation

In a sign that the administration is continuing to be more aggressive in suing those who violate the laws surrounding abortion clinic access, Maryland resident Richard Retta has been charged with “intimidating and interfering with patients for more than a decade.”

Courthouse News reports:

The government says Retta “attempted to, and did, by physical obstruction, intentionally intimidate or interfere with persons because they were or had been providing or obtaining reproductive health services, or in order to intimidate such persons from providing or obtaining reproductive health services at the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington.”

Some of Retta’s interferences included blocking entrances to the point where clients had to obtain outside assistance to get in, walking so closely to patients that he actually stepped on their shoes, following patients as they leave the clinic, even into oncoming traffic, and harassing visibly upset patients.  If convicted, he faces a $10,000 fine plus $5000 in damages to three different victims.

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  • billfalls

    This FACE Act suit is welcome news for the WACDTF clinic escorts who take time off our jobs and lives every week to help clinic visitors get past Dick Retta. He isn’t the only “anti” who loses control of himself and violates the law, but he is a problem at a couple of DC-area clinics.

    You probably know that the FACE Act is Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances, enacted in 1994, which mostly ended the era of clinic blockades, violent invasions, etc. WACDTF is the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, which coordinates nonviolent volunteer clinic escorting in DC, northern Virginia, and Maryland.