Will Anti-Choice Groups Derail the “Minnesota Compromise?”

Many in Minnesota were excited Thursday to learn that our long state shutdown was coming to an end.  Democratic Governor Mark Dayton agreed to take the Republicans’ final budget offer from June 30th, and, with minor modifications, pass that into law.  The modifications?  No 15 percent across-the-board state employee layoffs, a $500 million bonding bill, and none of the myriad social issues that the GOP placed in their final offer, including a ban on stem-cell research, a 20-week abortion ban, and a ban on using Medicaid funds on abortions.

The Republican leadership agreed to these changes.  The Democratic leadership said they would not support a bill that shifted so much money from K-12 education yet again, rather than raise taxes on the richest 7,700 Minnesotans.  But Republicans on their own have enough votes, and the budget did not need Democratic support.

Now, however, it may.

Despite saying they could get their caucus behind the vote, the MNGOP is running into resistance from somewhere they didn’t expect: Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life (MCCL).  And now the anti-choice group is pushing hard on Republicans to refuse to pass the previously agreed on budget bill.

Via MPR:

Executive Director Scott Fischbach said his group lost everything that it worked for this session. MCCL backed several pieces of legislation that would have banned human cloning, along with taxpayer funding of abortion and family planning groups that provide abortion. Another bill would have banned abortions at 20 weeks gestation and later.

Fishbach says Republican leaders didn’t follow their mandate.

MCCL has now delivered a letter to the Republicans demanding that they not sign the new budget.  Will abortion politics shut down the state government again?

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  • rebellious-grrl

    This is insanity! This shutdown is the fault of the GOP and their extreme right wing agenda. I hope Dayton stands his ground and doesn’t throw women under the bus.

    The GOP wants to control women’s uteruses. It’s not a budget issue, it’s a social policy issue. Legislating when an abortion can take place interferes with a woman and her doctor. Are legislators medical doctors? No. They have no right to cut abortion off at 20 weeks. Most abortions take place within the first trimester. To imply that women nilly-willy have abortions after 20 weeks is insulting to women.

    The MN GOP and MCCL are the American Taliban. They don’t care about children. Once you’re born they could care less. If they really cared about children we wouldn’t be borrowing money from the school system to pay for the MN budget deficit.

    As for public money for abortion, the State Supreme Court ruled in 1995 that all poor women have the right to an abortion and the state must provide the money. I highly doubt that women having access to a very small slice of public money for abortion is bankrupting MN. And, abortion is a legal medical procedure so it should be covered under publicly funded health care.

  • rebellious-grrl

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