Wisconsin Right To Life Says It Did Not Engage In Voter Suppression

The Democratic primary for the Wisconsin recall election is over, but the finger pointing continues.  Wisconsin Right to Life, an anti-abortion advocacy group accused of placing robo-calls meant to confuse voters and suppress the vote, says they did no such thing.

Their excuse?  They were trying to call supporters and tell them the wrong voting information.

Via The Cap Times:

Susan Armacost, legislative director for Wisconsin Right to Life, whose  website claims the recall elections are “really about the rights of the Unborn,” says charges that the group was trying to confuse voters are “absurd,”  and that people who called the organization the next day to complain about the “robo calls” were identified by the anti-abortion group’s caller identification system as being from the AFL-CIO. “Whatever,” she says about the demand for an investigation. “If they want to go and put out these ridiculous charges, they can do that. But they have no basis in reality.”

Reality, according to a transcript of the recorded message Armacost provided the Cap Times, is this: “Hello, this is Barbara Lyons from Wisconsin Right to Life. I’m calling today to let you know that you will be receiving an absentee ballot application for the upcoming recall elections in the next few days. These recall elections are very important and voting absentee will ensure that your vote is counted and that we can maintain a pro-family, pro-life state Senate. We hope that we can count on you to complete that application and send it back to us within seven days.”

Armacost claims that only supporters got this message, except for people pretending to be supporters so that they can keep tabs on what her group is doing. “You have to understand that with an organization like Wisconsin Right to Life there are always people who don’t agree with our position who will sign up on our list because they are interested in what we are doing and those are the ones who are

Yes, because calling supporters and telling them not to vote on election day?  That makes a lot of sense politically.

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  • crowepps

    UPDATE: Tova Wang, a senior democracy fellow with the group Demos, also weighed in via email, declaring the robocalls “extraordinarily fishy,” at best. “Robocalls like this have become a main feature of the vote suppression industry for the last couple of election cycles, which makes me more suspicious,” said Wang. “A political consulting firm in Maryland is being sued by the attorney general for doing something very similar in last year’s gubernatorial election. I hope the Wisconsin authorities investigate this.”



  • colleen

    “I’m calling today to let you know that you will be receiving an absentee ballot application for the upcoming recall elections in the next few days.”

    I see that Wisconsin Right to Life takes it’s cues from it’s spiritual and political brethern in the deep South. If anyone knows how to suppress the vote and lie it’s white Southern racists. They’ve been at this crap longer than any of us have been alive.