• freetobe

    The population is booming at near 7 billion, people starving and dying from thirst and these monsters are trying to ban abortion? For what purpose? I am really begining to wonder if this is the New World Order at its beginning’s. I certainly hope I am wrong but I am seeing many clues of this happening and this is very scary!

    Or maybe it is the patriarchy angry with women slowly making their way up the totem pole. Get to close to the top and they strike us down again.

    I wonder if these people ever have open heart surgery or cancer surgery do they not realize that by denying a woman her right to live before a clump of cells that they are commiting euthanasia gender specific? They might as well ban all medical procedures that save lives.

    I am feeling the intense hatred by men for women worldwide and it is really not a pleasant feeling.

    We are the ones aborted in India,China and other countries that do not want women. So what makes these men or what gives them the right to be judge and jury? NOONE!! They need to be stopped and the only ones who can do this are women. Where are the gutsy women in this world did they all die out with the pioneers?

  • gordon

    The same people who bravely and tenaciously banished the conquerers from Moscow now voluntarily want to give up their freedom to the conquerers from Rome.  Very sad.

  • wendy-banks

    Anywhere the church runs things, women suffer.

  • boris-petrovich-denisov

    of Russian church impact on number of abortions in Russia


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