Pro-Life Wisconsin Sues To Stop University Hospital From Teaching “Abortion”

When I had my miscarriage, I had to go in to have a D&C performed in order to remove the fetus, which had died weeks earlier.  Many women find themselves in the same situation either due to missed miscarriages, or incomplete miscarriages where they have retained bits of the products of conception.

If doctors no longer learn how to perform a D&C, what exactly are women in that situation to do?

Well, nothing, if Pro-Life Wisconsin has its way.  They are currently filing a lawsuit demanding that the University of Wisconsin’s medical department stop teaching its med students how to perform “abortions,” claiming it violates a funding ban on state dollars going to abortion. The school currently sends students on a rotation through the local Planned Parenthood in order to not be accused of performing abortions on site.

Via The Cap Times:

Dr. Fredrik Broekhuizen, the medical director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin who also has an academic practice at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, says it is vital for medical students to be trained in abortion services.

“There are medically indicated pregnancy terminations, and physicians need to have skills to do that,” says Broekhuizen. He notes that even physicians who do not work in abortion clinics may well need to perform an abortion.

“There are situations where patients have fetal death in utero at 16 to 18 weeks of gestation,” he says. “The mode of delivery in the case of a dead fetus is exactly the same procedure as an abortion procedure. So learning these techniques is an essential part of what an ob/gyn needs to know in order to provide comprehensive care to women, regardless of where they choose to practice.”

And this is why, he says, the accreditation organization for ob/gyn programs requires that training in abortion services be offered. “Residents can opt out if they have moral objections, but that should be part of the training.” And without elective abortion procedures offered at UW or any other Madison hospital, the only option for such training is Planned Parenthood, he adds.

The University notes that if the ban goes through, not only would the residents have no formal training in the procedure whenever it would be deemed necessary, but it could lose its accreditation for gynecology and obstetrics.

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  • purplemistydez

    Just absolutely disgusting acts coming from anti-choicers.  This really tops it all.  All they want is dead women who dared to have sex.

  • crowepps

    I would sure be interested to know if it is possible for a doctor to become “Board Certified” as an obstetrical/gynecological specialist without knowing this basic procedure.


    It’s my understanding a specialist is one who has passed the tests and demonstrated their skills and is awarded a Diplomate from The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  As the national experts on the field, I wonder what they say on the matter?

  • elburto

    You’re using 21st century logic. By the pro-liar brigade’s fucked up Bronze Age deductions, any walking-uterus who fails to properly gestate the seed of her owner, is unworthy of life anyway, and therefore deserves to die of sepsis.

  • concerned-feminist

    Crap like this is what leads to back-alley abortions. Absolutely appalling. So now women have to be “Punished” for having miscarriages?

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