Jindal Signs “Pro-Information” Bill Today

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made a Baptist Church the scene of his special ceremony to sign new abortion restrictions into state law.

Via The News Star:

Governor Bobby Jindal is expected at First Baptist Church of West Monroe at 4:30 p.m. today to sign HB 636 – a Governor’s Package Bill – that requires women to be informed of their specific legal rights and options before they undergo an abortion procedure.


The bill would require a website, as well as signs posted in abortion clinics, to inform women about abortion alternatives.

Other informational tidbits and alternatives include reminding her that a father has to pay child support and that if she continues her pregnancy a couple wanting to adopt her baby may offer to pay for her medical care.

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  • mary-beth-hastings

    And he compared women seeking abortion to criminals:

    “When officers arrest criminals today, they are read their rights,” he said. “Now if we’re giving criminals their basic rights and they have to be informed of those rights, it seems to me only common sense we would have to do the same thing for women before they make the choice about whether to get an abortion.”


  • beenthere72

    And the point he’s making by signing it at a church? 

  • lotus4yoga

    Before any surgical, or even medical treatment, you do have to let people know what’s going on, you absolutely have to tell them what their alternative options might be. I don’t know what the point is of telling women what their legal rights are – that seems crazy – but just information, as long as it’s objective….that doesn’t seem so wrong to me.

    I had an illegal abortion when I was a teenager and was shown a textbook (drawing not photo) of a 10 or 12 week fetus. I was actually 27 weeks pregnant. Believe me, I would have rather known the truth in advance instead of seeing it for myself. I know that those anti-choice people want the information to sway someone so maybe it’s not very objective. However if done by a medical person (doctor, nurse), it’s just the truth. People need to know the truth.