Chicago Abortion Fund and African American Leaders Criticize Racist Anti-choice Billboard Campaign

This article is cross-posted from the Chicago Abortion Fund.

Nicole Goss speaks out against the racist billboards that have cropped up in Chicago. Click on the image to watch the news clip in a new window.

Recently, CUNY TV’s Independent Sources went to Chicago to talk with reproductive justice leaders from the Chicago Abortion Fund about the community response to the racist, antichoice billboards targeting predominately black and low-income neighborhoods on the South side of Chicago:

“The most dangerous place for an African American baby is not the womb,” says Nicole Goss of the Chicago Abortion Fund .”It’s the neighborhood that they’re growing up in, where they don’t have the resources that they need in their schools, they don’t have access to the necessities to become productive human beings in society.”

As Gaylon Alcaraz, Executive Director of the Chicago Abortion Fund, stated in The Crocodile Tears of Anti-Choice Billboarders, “we help young poor women because our communities are among the least likely to have regular access to health care, family planning and reproductive health education.”

For more information on the outrageous billboards cropping up around the country, follow the series at RH Reality Check, and for more background on the organizations that are funding these billboard campaigns, check out Miriam Zoila Pérez’ article in Colorlines.

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  • beenthere72

    It might be helpful to point out that the report on the billboards starts at 19:36.


    Very happy to see these women speaking out against these billboards.   If they can get them taken down in NYC, why is this not working in Chicago?