Of Spare Tires And Heroin

We all know that there’s a Republican war on women. But when it’s packaged down into 90 seconds, it’s a lot clearer the utter contempt the party has for women and their right to control their own reproductive health.

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  • equalist

    My one complaint with this is it doesn’t show enough of this kind of behavior.  If only it could be longer, to show more of the right’s hatred of women, and also point out their systematic stripping away of social programs to support women and the children they give birth to.  I’m honestly a little disappointed that the lines here haven’t been more clearly pointed out, over and over again.  We need to get the information out there that the right wants to force women to carry pregnancies to term while at the same time denying them prenatal care to ensue that those children are born healthy, health care to ensure that the children stay healthy, food programs to ensure that they can feed their children, and so many other programs that help women provide for the children they give birth to either by choice or by lack of other easily available options.  If people could see the picture with the dots connected, it would be so much harder for the right to claim care for women as the reason they’re pushing such legislation to strip our rights away piece by piece.

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