Because Violence Against Abortion Providers Apparently Sells?

I believe that Jessica Wakeman says it best: “I am only going to lament the mentally ill people out there who will watch ‘Gates Of Hell,’ pick up their gun, and murder an abortion provider like Dr. Tiller again.”

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  • beenthere72

    WTF!   People, please flag this video on Youtube as “Promotes violence”!!! 

  • mechashiva

    Holy shit, is this serious or satire?

  • jennifer-starr

    Flagged. ‘Molotov’ Mitchell is such a nasty, misogynistic little  man. 

  • beenthere72

    Does he speak out in front of the Capitol on weekends?   Or randomly?    When I was down in DC in April, some guy was out on the lawn in front of the Capitol spewing MRA stuff at a podium with someone recording him with a video camera – looked awfully alike, and sounded like, this Molotov guy.    Luckily few people were paying much attention to him. 

  • jennifer-starr

    It’s possible–making hate-filled videos  for World Nut Daily is what he does. In addition  to being anti-choice, he’s also homophobic and a birther. 

  • crowepps

    While the Constitutional protects this man’s extremist, radical views from being suppressed by the government or any employees of the government, there is no Constitutional right to violate the terms of use of public platforms like YouTube.  YouTube bans video that promotes violence and this video justifies the violence of killing doctors.  Report it.

  • gavin-sullivan

    I support freedom of speech, so I oppose censoring this fictional representation.

    In addition, I oppose your censoring this comment.

  • crowepps

    But maybe you figure “free speech” includes shouts of “Kill him!  Kill him!”  I don’t.  Haven’t we had enough “strange fruit”?

  • carolyninthecity

    OMG, @Gavin and all people of the internet- for the ten-thousanth time:

    Your right (anyones right) to freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want and the GOVERNMENT cannot censor you. If these film makers got arrested for making this movie, and had all their reels confiscated, THAT would be censorship.. 

    HOWEVER, voting someones comment down on a private website, or flagging a video for violence also on a private website, telling you to STFU on a private website = NOT, IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, A VIOLATION OF YOUR RIGHT OR THE FILM MAKER’S RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. 


    Now I’m going to go exercise my god-given freedom to flag a youtube video. 

  • wendy-banks

    Hate speech DOES NOT equal freedom of speech.

  • jennifer-starr

    A few points.  This film is not rated by the MPAA but by some association in Helsinki–I very much doubt the MPAA would find the preview suitable for all audiences–it’s far too violent. A lack of an MPAA rating pretty much guarantees that this film will never be seen in a major theater chain–if in fact it goes to theater at all. I predict it will go straight to video and be relegated to showings in the basements of fundy churches.  

    All of which, unfortunately, will not prevent some nutcase from seeing it and acting on its ‘message’. 

  • jennifer-starr

    Delete, please–duplicate