Phyllis Schlafly: Bring Back Shotgun Weddings!

Want to know what the biggest problem is facing our society today? Well, Phyllis Schlafly knows — it’s the lack of shotgun weddings!

Via Shakesville:

The trends toward non-marriage and toward same-sex marriage are a direct attack on fathers. The bond between a child and his mother is an obvious fact of nature, but marriage is the relationship that establishes the link between a child and his father.

There are many causes for the dramatic reduction in marriage, starting with unilateral divorce, which spread across the United States in the 1960s and ’70s, putting government on the side of marriage breakup. Then came the legalizing of abortion, diminishing the custom of shotgun marriages, which in earlier years was often the response to surprise pregnancies.

The feminist notion that women should be independent of men, followed by affirmative-action/female quotas in employment, tended to carry out the goal stated by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that the concept of husband-breadwinner and wife-homemaker “must be eliminated.” These feminist ideas and practices demean marriage by discriminating against men and also against fulltime homemakers.

More shotgun weddings!  Darn right! In fact, we should force every woman into a shotgun marriage if she isn’t married by 20, pregnant or not.  That will bring back the golden days!

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  • crowepps

    marriage is the relationship that establishes the link between a child and his father.

    Since without a piece of paper from the government giving him ‘ownership’ of a household slave/concubine, a man won’t have any interest in his children.


    I wonder why Phyllis is so contemptuous of men?

  • ahunt

    Does anyone else find this hilarious?


  • ack

    Yup. :)

  • wendy-banks

    And revolting…


  • anonymous99

    “The feminist notion that women should be independent of men…”


    Someone tell Phyllis that many of us fathers want our daughters to be independent as well.  The whole “traditional” strategy of dependency on men has a lot of holes in it.

  • squirrely-girl

    Not that my mother wasn’t influential in my personality development, but I would say my relationship with my father was a HUGE contributor to my feminist ideals. My father raised me to be a strong, independent, educated woman who was as good, if not better, than any man. Granted, I have three younger sisters and I gather my father raised me as the defacto “son” he never had… but still :)

  • wolfwytch


    I was married to the sperm-donor for my children… for ten years I tried to make a marriage work. But you can’t make soufflé out of shit. He never cared about them when we were married– but I bet it was just because I was too, too, something.


    Hrm, what would Schlafly say… I was beat down, abused, manipulated, lied to, mistreated, neglected and if I hadn’t made sure I had a way to get to the pay-cheques my kids would have starved. When I finally got fed up and told him never to come home, that must have been the tipping point for him! I can’t believe I never noticed that it was my fault he didn’t love his kids… It must have been then, that his love turned away from them, when I asked the state for help to feed my kids, after he took off to Connecticut and took every dime out of the chequeing account. Yup. That must have been it.


    Thanks Phyllis! I never would’a figured it out if it weren’t for your enlightened information! We should make sure we marry the tools who abuse us! And stay that way! Now I get it… I suppose this means I need to get divorced from my beloved husband and partner and find that dead-beat moron, and remarry him?

    /snark (although the bits about the abusive ex are true)


  • jayn

    These feminist ideas and practices demean marriage

    No, what demeans marriage is people like Schlafly trying to turn it into an obligation rather than a willing commitment.  Anything has more meaning when it is freely chosen than when it is forced upon someone.

  • crowepps

    Gosh, I think she went right on past obligation to punishment — if a man has sex with a woman so that she’s “used goods” then having handled the merchandise he’s “stuck with” her.  If a woman has sex with a man she’s “used goods” and ought to put up with his abusiveness out of gratitude that he’s forced to support her.  Sure makes it clear why so many people are rejecting “traditional” marriage.  Nobody volunteers to go to jail either.