Pavone: We Will End Legal Abortion

In case there was ever any doubt that the end game for the anti-abortion crusaders is to rid the country of legal abortion altogether, Priests for Life’s leader, Father Frank Pavone, made the mission clear at a recent rally.

Via The Boston Pilot:

Pro-lifers will not rest until abortion is “eradicated completely without exception,” Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, said at St. Paul School in Hingham on June 4.

“We will see the end of legal abortion in the United States,” he proclaimed to a crowd of 230.

Father Pavone added that it is essential for the movement to strategize in order to reach that goal as quickly as possible.

Pavone argued that the “partial birth abortion ban” is the greatest victory for the anti-abortion activists since the beginning of legal abortion, due to the full ban of a procedure, and that its lessons need to be applied in an attempt to outlaw D&E’s in any circumstances, even for fatally deformed fetuses and suffering women.

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  • ahunt

    And lest anyone believe that contraception is not on the list of “evils” to be eradicated…


    <Pavone> said that there is a “new kind of pastoral need” to educate the faithful about abortions that occur as a result of abortifacient medications, which include some birth control pills.

    “There is a whole world here of life being taken that is incalculable,” he said.

  • goatini

    We’ll see the end of sick “celibate” pedophile freaks performing sexual assault on and destroying the spirits of actual living children.

    And Catholic women like myself, who so deeply love the TRUE Catholic Church that demented misogynists like you can’t run us off, will see the completely corrupt Wojo/Ratzo woman-hating, pedophile-enabling hierarchy eradicated completely without exception.

    Count on it.

  • elburto

    Nun-raping, child-abusing, woman-enslaving, lying, hypocrites and thugs.