And Then The Angelic Choirs Kicked In

I know I learned a lot from this video, such as the fact that you cannot be “pro-life” without being Christian, a sidewalk “counselor” and vote for “the right party.” I hope you learn just as much.

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  • beenthere72

    That was so annoying to watch.  Personhoodpeople, please do not bring your church to my street.


    ‘Get off your couch and invade other women and girls’ personal lives.  Do it now.’  How obnoxious!

  • crowepps

    Apparently being ProLife means establishing a theocracy — and making a nice living by harassing women.


    One of the founders, Keith Mason, came up with “Campus Life Tours” and invented the “Truth Truck” for Operation Rescue, and the other, Cal Zastrow, describes himself as a ‘missionary’ and drags his children around the country to protests.

  • wolfwytch

    *blink blink* I thought I was going to vomit… as much from their message and the dizzying delivery! Wow, whoever thought up this one was going for the “spin them around and around ’til they can’t see straight” vibe.


    Of course they want to bring their churches to the streets, followed directly with inserting them into the uterus of every woman in the nation! But to actually help those people who are on the streets because of the anti-women party’s policies– well, their Jesus surely wouldn’t do that! He’s all macho and gun-loving, and hates him some wimmins.

  • ack

    Works for the pro-choice crowd, too. Just replace “life” with “choice” and think about women and girls as human beings. And replace the counseling on the sidewalk with counseling women and girls on their options in an actual clinic. When I did that, the rotating letters weren’t so nauseating!