• adolmd

    Wow. Thank you for what you do and for sharing your philosophy!

    Now if we can get the 80% of the USA that is prochoice, pro-woman to speak up and take action too.

    Dr. Tiller was a gift to this world. He dared to take on the antis and to help women in need. Please honor his memory by talking about his horrific assassination in his church by someone who was NOT a lone wolf. Share the story 


    Donate to NAF, PRCH or the TRUST WOMEN PAC or TRUST WOMEN foundation. and wear a silver ribbon if you TRUST WOMEN with reproductive rights.



  • elburto

    Although these providers are outlaws and heroes against the current landscape, they shouldn’t have to be. I can name any number of american providers, but none in my own country. Why? They’re just doctors, there to provide a service. Unless you’ve used that service, you wouldn’t know them from Adam. That’s how it should be, reproductive health integrated into general practice and regular hospitals, doctors, nurses and surgeons just people doing their jobs.

    To my sisters in America, I hope one day you’ll never need to know the names of service providers, just that they’re there waiting for you.

  • lauraj400

    time limit in your state?

  • lauraj400

    were abortions Dr.Tiller refused to do.

  • carolrhill814

    There are women in this world who need to helped in this way because they have been raped or taken advantage of and they never wanted a child ever and had no way out of this happening and those are the women who need this service.

    I know what is happening is taking a life but these lives are not welcomed and that in itself is terrible because they will not be created from love and the woman doesn’t love that child growing inside of her so there is only one thing left hate and as that child grows so does that hate and when that child is born (and she going to keep that child) that hate she had to this baby will grow and she will take that hate out on that child and next thing we will hear is someone found a baby in a dumpster and other places.

    What is worse an abortion or a dead baby found in a dumpster?

    I just wish people would watch the movie THE OTHERSIDE OF MIDNIGHT and see what that woman did to get rid of the baby she never wanted if women can’t have an abortion this is what will happen more and more everyday.


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