Nebraska Passes Parental Consent Law, Requires Notarized Signatures

Are you a teen who wants an abortion in Nebraska?  You not only have to tell a parent, grandparent, or judge about it, now you have to tell a notary public, too.

So much for privacy.

Via the Nebraska State Paper:

Gov. Dave Heineman has signed a bill requiring minors to present written, notarized consent from a parent or guardian in order to obtain an abortion.

Minors can ask a court to waive the requirement in cases where abuse is alleged or a medical emergency can be established. A grandparent or a judge could give approval in cases of alleged abuse.

Notarized consent?  Really?  So it’s not enough to have parental consent, they need to spend money to get it a notary public involved, and tell a stranger about the situation?

Anti-choice legislators — limiting abortion access a nickle and a dime at a time.

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  • broodstock

    What in the hell, exactly, does this do besides make it a royal pain in the @ss??


    Pieces of shit.

  • crowepps

    Well, for one thing, it requires the parents to share their child’s medical history with the Notary with a 50-50 chance the Notary will be ‘ProLife’ and share the story with the people she/he works with, and the Notary’s family and the families of his/her coworkers and ALL the others in their gossip chain so that everybody can tsk-tsk about their inadequate parenting and shame the girl involved.  Because, you know, the whole POINT of forcing the girl to remain pregnant to have her belly act as a Scarlet S for slut, and if she’s avoiding that by getting an abortion, societal condemnation has to be triggered some other way.

  • beenthere72

    But also that notary would refuse to notarize the document after they’re told what it’s for and then you’ll have to find another one, thereby telling even more total strangers. 


    Is this even close to true?


    Sen. Lydia Brasch of Bancroft, sponsor the measure, argued throughout debate that the law had been enacted in 35 other states and had been resulted in a decline in abortion numbers.

    Sounds like hogwash to me.

  • crowepps

    Obviously, most notaries are professionals, perform their job without prejudice and don’t gossip about their clients’ business, but having seen some pretty astonishing attitudes that justify throwing all that out the window as soon as abortion is involved, I think this is entirely unnecessary.


    Is the drop in abortions true?  Yes, it is.  It is speculated to be as a result of young women being able to access IUDs.


    There is ZERO evidence that parental consent laws have caused any precipitous drop in abortions, although they certainly are know to have contributed to some road trips to the nearest state without such laws.

  • beenthere72

    But we thought most pharmacists were professionals too, without prejudice.    Har har.      


    I know many states have parental consent laws, but does that include requiring a notary?  I would expect that if you got parental consent, that would mean your parent is also present for the procedure.     I’ve only been following these debates since I found this [awesome] website and never heard the notary thing mentioned before.   I just can’t believe THAT many states require it.    Do they?    Or is this another: not meant to be a factual statement kinda thing.