Minnesota Governor Vetoes Anti-Choice Legislation

Democratic Governor Mark Dayton vetoed two anti-choice bills meant to make it harder for women to obtain abortions in the state.  Dayton vetoed a 20-week ban that would primarily force women who had intended but non-viable pregnancies to carry the fetus against their wishes, as well as force poor women who needed abortions to pay for their own procedures, despite the Doe V. Gomez court order that ruled the state must provide assistance to them.

Sarah Stoesz, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, stated via email,“We are enormously grateful to Gov. Mark Dayton for standing up for women’s health and heading off these intrusive, punitive measures. We want all women to be healthy and safe, and we believe that all women should be able to make personal medical decisions, often very difficult ones, without the interference of politicians.”

It is not believed that there are enough anti-choice votes to override the veto in the House or Senate.

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  • sebraunlin

    It was completely appropriate to veto this bill to ban late term abortions and create obstacles for low-income women who seek abortion; and I wish Gov. Mitch Daniels had shown the integrity to do the same in Indiana.  Unfortunately, he was toying with running for President and could not afford to lose the support of powerful donors.


    This bill was not a Pro-Life bill at all.  It was Anti-Choice and harmful. It was a symbolic stand against abortion that would make abortion more difficult, dangerous and delayed, but do nothing to decrease it. Its only effect would be to hurt vulnerable people.


    It is so wrong to use the health of vulnerable people as a weapon to get votes.  I applaud the veto of this bill.