Anti-Abortion Activists Step Up Plans to Harass Women Using Red River Women’s Clinic

The Fargo Catholic Diocese has decided to increase their assault on women trying to exercise their legal rights to an abortion by opening a new chapel directly across the street from the Red River Women’s Clinic, North Dakota’s only abortion clinic. The chapel plans to hold a mass every Wednesday to coincide with the one day the clinic is open.

Diocese Spokeswoman Tanya Watterud discusses the church’s plans in the video below.

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  • broodstock

    disgusting.  i can’t even watch that broad.

  • diyconservatoriesuk

    this is too much!

  • crowepps

    The Church wants to demonstrate God’s love for women by controlling their lives —

    The Church wants to demonstrate God’s love for women by convincing them to turn off their brains and let the Church do all their thinking —

    The Church wants to make sure that women understand at every moment that the Church is eager for them to be martyred and disgusted with them for resisting —

    The Church wants to demonstrate God’s plan for women by restricting them to two life choices, choistered sexless virgin or a mindless household drudge used for breeding —

    The Church wants to demonstrate God’s love for women by convincing them to voluntarily erase themselves and become self-abnegating servants who believe they deserve nothing, not even life, as a deserved lifetime punishment for the sin of being born inferior females.

  • littlepunklost

    These people are pathetic. They really believe in what they’re doing, but why waste this much energy on trying to shame women out of making the choices they need to make? Surely there’s a better way to spread Christ’s love and message other than shaming women. They’re just so hypocritical and ignorant that it’s sickenening.