Tennessee: Wait, Morning After Pill Isn’t RU 486?

Tennessee is returning family planning funding that was stripped in Hamilton County because county commissioners wanted to “stop abortions.”  And the science lesson needed to change their minds is a reminder of why legislators should not be making medical decisions.

Via The Times Free Press:

Hamilton County commissioners this morning unanimously agreed to fund a Family Planning program at the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department after health department officials gave a lengthy presentation assuring commissioners the money was not used to fund abortions.

“Our family planning program does not provide abortions, abortion counseling or referral,” Health Department Administrator Becky Barnes told commissioners. “Again, nothing to do with abortions.”

On May 4, county commissioners nearly stripped funding from the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department’s Family Planning program amid confusion about whether the morning after pill is an abortion pill. They are two separate pills, Barnes explained.

It’s no surprise that the commissioners were so confused, due to the deliberate campaign to attempt to paint all emergency contraception as “abortions.”  In fact, how long before anti-choice advocates try to claim that the morning after pill and the birth control pill are also “abortions” and try to get the funds pulled again?

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  • ella

    I can’t stand how emergency contraception is being painted in such an awful light. What many people neglect to realize it that EC is NOT abortion. Most EC pills work by preventing ovulation, therefore the egg and sperm never even join. Also, EC is very important for women who have been victims of rape ior even women who experience contraceptive failure with their partner. The newest for of EC is also the most effective and it is called ella. It works for 5 days, which is 2 days longer than Plan b or Next Choice, and it can be prescribed online and shipped over night.



  • fieriee

    Oh wow,……. Just,…. wow.


    And a lot of people Do view the morning after pill as an abortion pill. Anything that prevents the egg and sperm from joining is equally evil in some circles.

  • crowepps

    It’s true that a small minority of people are obsessed with the idea that all sex ought to lead to reproduction, but that’s no excuse for deliberately confusing people about how things work in the real world.  Conception does not happen instantaneously but instead hours later, and people should understand the TRUTH which is that there is a window during which women who were raped or whose condom failed have a chance to prevent conception from occurring.  It’s evil to try to “enforce morality” by lying to people and tricking them.