Indiana Defunds Planned Parenthood Clinics That Don’t Even Do Abortions

Governor Mitch Daniels is signaling his willingness to potentially be considered as a GOP candidate for higher office in 2012 by rejecting his own proclaimed “social issues truce” and signing a bill that will deny the state $4 million in health care funds for lower income residents.   The Indiana Republican claims the cut off is necessary to stop funding abortions, but many of the clinics being effected don’t even perform the procedure.

The Journal Gazette writes:

A bill approved by the legislature that would eliminate funds for Planned Parenthood in Indiana would affect services provided by the group’s clinics and programs.

In northeast Indiana, Planned Parenthood served more than 5,300 patients last year – and performed zero abortions.

Planned Parenthood has clinics in Elkhart and Fort Wayne, both of which see patients from surrounding counties as well.

Neither provides abortion services. Most years, those clinics combined provide more than 4,000 pap smears for area women – of which about one in 10 are severely abnormal, according to the organization.

A more urban area such as Fort Wayne may be able to provide low-cost alternatives to those screenings, [Betty Cockrum, Planned Parenthood of Indiana president and CEO,] said, but some women may forgo them altogether.

The majority of the patients served at the Fort Wayne and Elkhart clinics are women, and the majority are in poverty, according to the organization.

This doesn’t even include the other $1 million in funding meant for clinics other than Planned Parenthood, who also had their funds cut off in order to ensure Planned Parenthood gets no money, either.

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    ~ Governor Mitch Daniels political adviser, the entire republican parties adviser. ~

  • arekushieru

    Ugh.  I feel the need to vomit.  This man has obviously been deceived by Satan.  Of course, it’s better for a man to be deceived by Satan than a woman.  I bet, after all, if it had been the other way around, where Adam had been deceived by Satan and Eve had been deceived by Adam, he would be a ‘Poor Adam, he was deceived by someone greater than another human, Eve’s punishment should rightfully be greater than Adam’s’ hypocrite.  The original sin was disobedience to God, not a woman leading a man.  Some versions of the Bible have very different interpretations of that passage (including the one where it says that man shall rule over women, which leads one to question why something that was already the status quo is being used as punishment for rebellion against same…).   One interpretation suggests that a woman’s desire shall only be for her husband, suggesting that the context in which a man is supposed to rule over her is sexual (not necessarily intentionally) and definitely not theologically and otherwise.  Also, is he really that ignorant?  There IS a female writer in the Bible.  There was another but she was removed, while the remaining one’s words were watered down?  Why?  Because of the patriarchy, not religion, itself.  Man, I DO have to conclude that this guy is, indeed, a moron.

  • beenthere72

    I had to google this guy after seeing that.   I hadn’t heard about him or his HUGE church before (something like 17,000+ members???).   I’ll have to dig up the 20/20 special that he was featured in recently.    But among my googling, found this really interesting, and exposing blog piece about him written by someone that was once best friends with the guy.  Worth the read:



    Oooh, found the episode: