Roundup: Ultrasound Via Cellphone?

Could a miniature ultrasound machine that sends images via cellphone improve maternal health outcomes? Also, Nevada passes anti-discrimination bills and Florida passes slate of anti-abortion bills.

  • A Vermont radiologist has received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve global maternal health. Dr. Kristen Destigter is working to create a miniature ultrasound machine that will allow rural midwives in developing countries to send the images to a doctor via cellphone.
  • The Nevada legislature is likely to pass two bills that disallow discrimination against transgender persons in housing and public accommodation. A bill that would designate violence against a transgender person as a hate crime failed.
  • Florida is looking at a new slate of anti-abortion bills. Legislation passed by the House “would require women to have an ultrasound before terminating any pregnancy, place additional requirements on teens seeking abortions, and restrict the use of state money to pay for insurance plans that cover abortion.” Meanwhile, the Florida Senate has passed legislation that would ban abortion coverage in public and private insurance.

Apr 28

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