Roundup: State Legislatures Aim to Restrict Medical Abortion

Oklahoma and Texas want to restrict use of medical abortion despite recommendations from medical groups; Florida votes on pile of anti-abortion bills today; controversy continues in Massachusetts; and Texas tries to repeal transgender marriage.

Apr 26

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  • beenthere72

    I love all the attention that is getting.   It’s getting more support than opposition, though the opposition is always louder.     I ‘liked’ it on Facebook and see that supporters are calling Deval Patrick voicing their support.     So I just did too.  


    With all the ruckus in the news about, I thought I should take a moment and let you know that as a parent, I think this website is *great* and I support it, every part of it. I sent my step daughter a link to it as soon as I heard about it. I already have frank discussions with her about STDs and abortion and think every parent should.  But if they’re not able to, this website is an excellent resource that covers all the bases.   Don’t let the naysayers censor it. 

    Thank you,

    Rachel ****

    *******, MA