Fertilized Eggs Are People. Children Are Not

I’ve read enough anti-choice literature now to know that if you are against abortion, at the moment of conception you now have a separate and unique individual.  That’s how personhood works, and those are the words that doctors are expected to recite to you if you want to obtain an abortion in certain states.

But that only counts inside the clinic.  On the sidewalk, it’s a different story, one clinic escort shares:

Yesterday, the clinic had to call the police (again) because the protesters had (again) violated the terms of the injunction. There were four women on the sidewalk and together they had three kids in strollers. In my world, four plus three equals seven. When told they were violating the injunction, they argued that “four people” did not include children.

Apparently, their actual children don’t count  as people, but according to the signs they wave maniacally, fetuses do count as people.

The real question is, had one of the protesters been pregnant, would she then agree that there were too many “people” there?

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  • macha

    I always noticed that once you’re born, pro-lifers tend to stop caring.  Whether it’s by cutting health care or education or social security benefits or promoting the death penalty, the conservative right stops thinking you need people in government fighting for your well-being the moment you exit the vagina.

  • equalist

    I think in that situation, I would have pointed out the irony in claiming that the children weren’t people but the fetii were.  I’d have to ask them flat out, at what age does a fetal person become no longer a person, and at what age does he or she become a person again?  Would have at the least been amusing to watch them try to come up with excuses on that one.

  • ladystardragon

    Once you are born you’ve got to PULL YOUR OWN WEIGHT, don’t be looking for a handout, don’t expect MY TAX DOLLARS to take care of you, pull yourself up by your BOOTSTRAPS!!

    Such BS!!

    The Republican party panders to these right-wing, pro-lifer (or I should say ANTI-CHOICER) “agreeing with” their stance on “personhood,” so that they can have the sheer numbers (of sheep) backing them on whatever agendas the Republicans wish to slide past…

    They just won’t open their eyes and see that the Republican party doesn’t give a DAMN what they want or need… we are all just “sheep to the slaughter,” just that many more slave laborers for THEM and their multi-national conglomerate machines. Of course they want us to be FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY!!

  • beenthere72

    Too funny! 

  • figleaf

    This is actually perfectly consistent once you get that their opposition to abortion is all about confining and controlling women and nothing at all to do with interest or concern for fetuses or personhood.

    Since children are literally the “wages of sin” for that crowd, and since abortion in their eyes is a way for women to avoid their just deserts, thinking of their own children as people instead of punishment isn’t really part of their frames of reference.

    The mistake, I think, is believing them when they say they’re “pro-life.”  Their utter disregard for born children as human beings is one example.  A more telling one is their complete and utter indifference to miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, and so on, which generally only “stops a beating heart” of wanted children.


  • elburto

    I would pay a lot of money to see them trying (and failing) to understand Earth Logic.