• mediamom

    All legislation enacted or being considered is discriminatory and I’m surprised the women legislators are allowing these bills to go forward.   These bills clearly target just one half of the equation and that target is the woman. 

    Reproduction is not a woman’s issue.   It is one that involves both a man and woman yet there is not a single piece of legislation that puts any restrictions or responsibility on the man.

    When are we going to see legislation that penalizes and “criminalizes” the actions of the men involved the same way it  does women? 

    At the very least,  there should be a mandatory and PUBLIC registry – name, address, age – of all men who impregnate women who seek abortions whether the woman chooses to go forward with it or not. (As they are not seeking the medical procedure, there would be no violation of the doctor-patient confidentiality.  The woman would remain “unnamed”.)   

    This registry could also include men who impregnate women and fail to provide monetary support forcing the woman to turn to public assistance/welfare.  After all, the man is a recipient (albeit a silent one) of the benefits as well.

    If insurance does not cover abortion procedures,  then the man should be forced to pay 50% of the procedure – if not done voluntarily,  he could be sued and forced to pay just as if it were child support.  Those who fail to pay could be subject to having wages, tax refunds, or social security payments garnished – as well as being placed on a public registry.

    If Texas allows the “ultrasound bill” to be passed,  it should require that the “father” be required to view it as well.  In addition,  the bill for the procedure should be sent to the “father” and he should be forced to pay for it.  If he doesn’t pay, he could be taken to court and sued for payment.

    When it comes to unwanted pregnancy options,  the man always walks away without having to suffer any of the consequences.   If our legislators won’t stop their discriminatory legislation, maybe women need to start taking matters into their own hands.   Public exposure of the men involved may cause our legislators to re-think their positions on reproductive legislation.

  • crowepps

    This registry could also include men who impregnate women and fail to provide monetary support

    The present state of the law includes absolutely no requirement that a man contribute one penny towards the support of his pregnant partner or towards the bills for her prenatal care or delivery.  The law does require men to pay for the support of their live children, but not the expenses of creating and safely delivering those children.  The law sees the fetus as entirely the responsibility of the woman.

  • kgreenier

    Unfortunately, VA can now be added to the list of states banning abortion coverage under the state’s health exchange.  In late March, Governor Bob McDonnell amended Delegate Terry’s Kilgore’s HB 2434, which directed the Commonwealth to establish a health exchange in accordance with the federal health care legislation. The Governor’s amendment prohibits Virginia’s health insurance exchange from covering abortion services, except in the cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother.  On April 6, the House voted to approve the Governor’s amendment.  When the vote came before the Senate, a 20-20 tie vote was broken in favor of the amendment by the Lt. Governor.

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