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    Regular testing doesn’t work in that if you find out there’s an infection it’s already too late for the other person.

    How widespread is the strategy?… of
     “BEFORE we have sex let’s get tested TOGETHER
     for A VARIETY of STDs.”

    Do sexual health checkups reduce the ambiguity?…
    Can sexual health checkups be like anything else POTENTIAL sex
    partners do together?…

     If you needed surgery would you want the surgeon to wash
     before operating?…

     If you needed a blood transfusion would you want the blood tested
     before or after the transfusion?…

     see also

     “tested together” alerts

  • singleswithstd

    I read a news at PozGroup.com this morning which says there is a new home-based STD test is available now.  You can get the test in private, but the bad news is it is less accurate. Hope scientists can improve it soon.

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