40 Days of Harassment Ramps Up In Alaska

There’s still almost two weeks left in the anti-abortion “40 Days for Life” event, an annual pre-Easter assault on reproductive health clinics by anti-choice prayer vigils and “sidewalk counselors.”  The goal is allegedly to close clinics and save “babies” through prayer, though more often it is the intimidating presence of the protesters who are armed with rosaries and graphic pictures of fetuses magnified to gigantic proportions that make women turn away from the buildings.

In Alaska the rhetoric appears to be increasing, as more and more women are reporting to the police being harassed outside the Planned Parenthood in Anchorage.

The 40 Days for Life group, however, is claiming they don’t interact with the patients at all. Via KTVA11.com:

On any given day you’ll find different organizations protesting in front of the clinic, including “40 Days For Life”, a national anti-abortion group who plans to protest in front of Planned Parenthood until April 17th.
“Planned Parenthood does offer some other services but they are the largest abortion provider chain in America and our goal is to end abortion,” Haylee Shields, with the 40 Days For Life campaign said.
Part of their campaign is to use prayer to end abortion, which means no interaction with patients whatsoever.
“We are here as a prayerful presence, very peaceful, we don’t have any signs that are controversial, they just say pray to end abortion and that’s the main message,” she said.

If they aren’t interacting with patients, exactly why are so many women feeling harassed?

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  • forced-birth-rape

    ~ We should go stand outside of catholic churches and have us a forty days of prayer to end child-rape. ~

    ~ And we should go stand outside of baptist churches and have us a forty days of prayer to end wife-beating. ~

    ~ See how the pro-forced-birth pervert hypocrites like that. ~

  • elburto

    Nice one FBIR.

  • elburto

    Part of their campaign is to use prayer to end abortion


    Yeah, I mean it worked so well to end war, violence, world hunger, child exploitation, rape, genocide, crime and….


    Oh wait…  We still have all of those things, all greater ‘evils’ than the right of a woman to not be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.  So the god-botherers should either a) admit that their ‘crusade’ is to have women relegated to the status of property. or b) get praying to end real world problems instead of harrassing vulnerable people.

  • ldan

    You know. I’ve been thinking along those lines, frankly. The Catholic Church in particular, with all of its meddling in the health care debate, deserves some protesting. I realize that the majority of congregations don’t agree with the extreme anti-contraception, anti-abortion-in-all-cases stance of the church, and the vast, vast majority don’t think it’s right to shuffle pedophile priests around. But they continue to support the massive organization that does agree with and work towards all of these things. It’s certainly deserving of prayer.


    For that matter, protesting outside of CPCs with signs that simply offer counters to their lies (perhaps with a good website at the bottom to back up the counter) seems like it would help counter the CPCs without being traumatic to the women approaching them. Things like “this is not a medical facility,” “abortion does not cause breast cancer,” “real counseling should not shame you,” etc. A little late to get organized at the CPCs opposite their 40 days of Life, but why not 40 days of Truth?

  • rebellious-grrl

    “40-days” is religious thuggery and bullying of women. It’s legalized harassment. It’s totally bull that they don’t interact with patients.

  • rebellious-grrl

    FBIR, I’m with you. I would love to do that!