• survivor-thriver

    Just wondering why three female filmmakers all chose to create projects on masculinity? Maybe I missed something, and I do know that filmmakers can select whatever topic from which to express their artistry, but why wouldn’t females illustrate female sexuality? Especially since female sexuality is not the dominant view represented in this porn and rape culture as broadly disseminated in existing media? Are we not awash in masculinity and male-oriented paradigm already? Since only 22% of all images in media are typically of women or are female voiced, isn’t it contributing to the invisibility of females for these young women to feature male storyline? Hooray for featuring persons of color, but wasn’t even one of these females concerned for femininity especially in light of the massive tech and media assault on females? Thinking of young men of color and masculinity, why isn’t the question of violence against femininity in contemporary rap such as Kanye West’s new video featuring lynched bodies of naked white women hanging in his background….how can young men of color have healthy attitudes towards sex when females are routinely called bitches, ho’s, sluts and the like in music and video?  Why isn’t one female film maker questioning how porn and the media is warping young male minds and leading to a generation that has damaged relationship skills and increased animosity against females since the majority of them are exposed to hundreds of hard core porn images before their first kiss with a real girl? 


    I was really looking forward to reading more about these three films from young females, but it strikes me a some sort of gender washing.  Tell me I’m wrong, please.  Oh, I do admire young female filmmakers, check out Reel Grrls!  They rock! 

  • arekushieru

    Hmmm….  Y’know, I can’t disagree with you, in any way shape or form.  None of these segments explore the intersecting points between masculinity and femininity, either, after all.

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