• elburto

    My heart breaks for my sisters in the US. I cannot comprehend how you all have ended up in this position. I seem to spend more time worrying about americans than women in developing countries, because at least there are charity organisations to help women there. Who’ll help the women of the US?

  • parterita

    Thanks, sensationalist news team for having a lead-in to that story that implies that she took rat poison ‘to kill her baby’. No, it’s reported several times within your piece that she took rat poison in an effort to end her own life (thereby ending the baby’s life too, yes, I know, but get your facts straight).

    I just can’t stand sensationalist news hooks that are just 100% terrible reporting. What a sad story.

  • leftcoaster

    Parterita, reporters are always careful to attribute their statements to whoever supplied them. In this case they would have been told by police and/or prosecution sources that her intent was to abort, because that’s their belief. Typically a defense attorney is not likely to speak on the record at this point. So while it seems “sensationalistic” to you, it’s actually a careful process of reporting on the charges and not making blanket statements leading to guilt or innocence. A few don’t succeed in making that distinction, but for the most part they do.


    You as a reader have to be careful to understand what attribution is. Being charged with something is one thing, but if the news story reads, “Prosecutors say (so-and-so) was attempting to abort her pregnancy,” that’s the facts. Prosecutors say it. It is not the responsibility of the reporter to soft-pedal or interpret facts.

  • crowepps

    It’s very clear from the facts of this case, widely covered in the press, that after her boyfriend dumped her, this woman attempted to commit suicide and survived only because a friend discovered her and took her to the hospital.  The prosecutor may have an OPINION about her motivations based on his personal religious view that the only ‘person’ here worth considering is the fetus, but the fact that he states something doesn’t mean it is true.  He will have an opportunity to convince a jury that his opinion is true.  Her attorney will have an opportunity to convince the jury it is not.  In the meantime, it would be interesting to know why the boyfriend hasn’t been arrested and charged with cruelty or conspiracy.  After all, his callous behavior was the trigger for the whole disaster.

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