Arizona Bans Race- and Gender-Based Abortions

The Arizona legislature has passed a bill banning abortions based on the race or gender of the fetus, despite the fact that evidence of such a practice doesn’t exist, and such an abortion was likely impossible to get in the first place.

Via ABC News:

Arizona has made it a crime to perform an abortion because of the sex or race of the fetus.

The bill, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer Tuesday, aims at doctors or other abortion providers. It allows the father of the aborted baby — or the maternal grandparents if the mother is a minor — to take legal action against an abortion provider, who could face up to seven years in jail and the loss of their medical license if convicted.

Proponents of the new measure said it protected against capricious abortions performed because parents preferred a baby of a different race or gender.

How prevalent was this scourge of race and gender based abortions?  Well, gender cannot be predicted accurately via ultrasound until at least 14 weeks.  Roughly 400 of the state’s 10,000 abortions performed in 2009 were performed after 14 weeks, accounting for less than 4 percent of the induced abortions.  As for the race of the fetus, there’s an almost near certainty that when a woman conceives she’s aware of what race of child she is having.  Exactly how does one determine she is aborting due to the race of the fetus?

More abortion restrictions passed simply in order for anti-choice politicians to claim that they are winning victories when it comes to stopping abortions.

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  • elburto

    It’s scary when I can’t tell real news from Onion news anymore. I eagerly await them passing laws banning the abortion of ginger foetuses, blue-eyed foetuses, and ones that have a preference for classical music.

    Dunno why, but I have a gut feeling they won’t outlaw aborting GLBT foetuses.

  • wolfwytch

    I live in Arizona; the only reason Brewer passed this travesty is to take the heat off herself over the Medicaid flap (i.e. removing people who desperately need organ transplants from the rolls, and allowing them to die). She needs credit with the largest voting block in AZ, white, well off retirees over 60…  :((


    Not everyone down here is a looney, although I am embarrassed to admit, publicly that I live here; but I’ll keep doing it, and yelling and hollering about choice and cherishing women… Someone will hear me! And I do know I’m not alone.

  • arekushieru

    Yup right to life for fetuses but NOT actual human beings.  She’s a HYPocrite.

  • ack

    I’m yelling and hollering, too. Montenegro, who championed the bill, kept waving around this issue of the Economist that contained an article about sex selective abortions. It was about China and India.


    He was repeatedly asked to provide data for Arizona that demonstrates a problem. He couldn’t, of course, because it doesn’t exist.


    There is a bill on Brewer’s desk that seeks to redefine medical abortion as surgery. It will eliminate abortion access in rural areas. It also requires providers to perform ultrasounds and fetal heartbeat monitoring at least one hour before the procedure. HB2416 adds administrative headaches and creates obstacles for providers. Currently, the only surgical abortion facilities are in Phoenix and Tucson. This bill will probably mean that any woman seeking an abortion will have to drive to those cities or leave the state.


    If you want to contact Brewer about this bill, you have to go the governor’s site and use her comment form. Her email doesn’t work for the forms sent out by choice organizations. (I don’t think this is just for choice; I think she’s limited all of the incoming emails to using the form.)