Racist Austin Billboard Taken Down, Replaced With Crisis Pregnancy Billboard


Naral Pro-Choice Texas has started a campaign with SisterSong to fight Austin-based Heroic Media’s racistThe most dangerous place for some [read: black] children is in the womb” billboard campaign. 

The organization recently miscalculated Manhattan’s interest in having such a billboard in SoHo, and the outcry was so loud that the billboard was taken down after New Yorkers, including the Reverend Al Sharpton, made clear their lack of appreciation for Heroic Media’s tactics. 

But the billboard, located on I-35 South close to the Capitol, was replaced by the same sign that usually occupies that space–Heroic Media’s “Pregnant? Scared?” billboard featuring a racially indeterminate–but definitely not white–woman. 


The billboard space in question is owned by CBS Outdoor, but they aren’t the only corporate sponsor. Dillard’s department store is holding a fundraiser in Houston to raise money for–you guessed it–more billboards. Other than billboards and the occasional TV commercial (which always seem to appear on CBS) Heroic Media provides no services–the phone number you call if you are actually Pregnant? and Scared? redirects to Option Line’s crisis pregnancy center pushing hotline. 

If you’re going to be in Washington on April 30th, why not buy a $250 ticket to Heroic’s fundraiser featuring Sarah Palin and Lila Rose? It promises to be the “Pro-life event of the year!” 

If you haven’t made a donation to a Texas abortion fund, please consider doing so now

*While you’re here, why not click over and take Heroic Media’s online poll?

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  • datasnake

    Here are my answers (answers are in CAPS):


    Planned Parenthood aborts over 300,000 babies a year and negatively impacts whose lives?


    The mainstream media says Americans aren’t pro life. Is the media right or wrong?


    In 2007 Planned Parenthood performed 305,310 abortions and made only 4,912 adoption referrals. What choice is Planned Parenthood promoting?


    The majority of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics are located in what neighborhoods?


    Do you think the mainstream media needs to do more to promote the heroism of motherhood?


    How many million unborn children have been killed since Roe v. Wade?


    For embryonic stem cell research to exist, babies must die. Do you believe it should stop?



  • beenthere72

    I just answered the questions that weren’t a catch-22 and entered an email address fuckoff@gmail.com.   ha!  it actually submitted too.    They’re just fishing for donations.

  • ldan

    Kind of gathered. I kept hunting for a question that actually had a valid answer allowable, without much luck.



  • juliesunday

    agreed, the poll cracked me up. the pushing of ‘the heroism of motherhood,’ their stated goal in all their work, infuriates me. like, oh, you’re pregnant, scared that your life will be totally derailed and ruined by an unplanned pregnancy?  you know what the HEROIC choice would be? have a baby and be a mother, forget all those highfalutin ‘educational’ and ‘professional’ dreams you had.  

  • snexas

    I was just wondering the other day how to get rid of that billboard! Glad other people were already working on it.


    Also, I took their poll, ignoring the questions that didn’t provide an appropriate answer. I sent them an email too detailing how they should change their questions to be less slanted and misleading. Can’t wait to see if someone responds!

  • auntbec

    Working in abortion care here in Texas, and just want you to know we are alive and well, and will continue to care for women and their needs!  Girl Power!

    Love you all!


  • catseye71352

    Thank you for your front-line service.