Personhood in Mississippi Makes No Friends With Their Graphic Images

Mississippi has a Personhood initiative on their ballot this election cycle, but it looks like the biggest roadblock to passing it may in fact be Personhood Mississippi’s own supporters, who are turning off those who are both for and against abortion with their graphic campaigns.

Missionaries to the Preborn are traveling the state.  And apparently, they’re sort of gross.

Via StudentPrintz:

Brad Champine, a junior philosophy major, believes abortion is wrong. But he also believes the demonstrators were wrong, according to a note he posted on Facebook entitled “Dear Christian Activists.”

“This will not win anyone to your cause,” wrote Champine. “It will only further taint your image as people who are not about love, but rather, about hate. What you have done today I would expect from Westboro Baptist Church – not mainstream Christians.”

There are better ways, Champine said, to protest abortion.

“If you want to be like Christ in your dealings with abortion, volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center,” he said. “Give aid to the suffering. Adopt a child. Do not resort to hate, because you are commanded to love.”

President of Eagles for Life, Mark Harris, disassociated himself and his organization from the Missionaries.

“Our group supports the goals of these activists but we didn’t know about this event and we don’t use graphic images,” he said.

“Missionaries to the Preborn” planned to travel to Petal, Laurel, and Meridian on Tuesday. Additional stops in Columbus, Starkville and Tupelo were also planned to take place before the group wraps up its Mississippi tour on April 1.

Looks like the further they go into their tour, the less support they may drum up, making their mission slightly less effective.  Also not so effective?  The name.  After all, if you are a “missionary” TO the Preborn, wouldn’t that mean you were preaching to fetuses?

Very confusing.

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  • beenthere72

    I go on a google-foo everytime a new name or organization is mentioned here, and this one in particular has uncovered some serious monsters.     I am not surprised that other pro-life organizations are distancing themselves from this “missionary”. 




    Why are these racist, pro-murder, anti-government fundies so obsessed with fetuses?


    Rev. Matthew Trewhella –USTP National Committee, Wisconsin. A signer of  Paul Hill’s Defensive Action statement, Trewhella leads the anti-abortion group Missionaries to the Pre-Born. At the USTP Wisconsin state convention, he called for the formation of armed militias, such as the one he leads through his church. Newsweek reports that one member of the Missionaries   who lived in Trewhella’s basement for five months in 1990) kept a journal which included apparent plans for a guerrilla campaign of clinic
    bombings and assassinations of doctors.  What’s more,  a 100 page guerrilla army manual was sold by the USTP of Wisconsin at their May convention.  Among the manual’s justifications for armed resistance to the federal government is legalized abortion.

  • crowepps

    Sure am tired of law enforcement’s eye just skipping right over these home-grown terrorist groups on the basis that since they’re Christian anything at all that they do is included under ‘freedom of belief’.  Maybe someone could report them to the FBI as secret Islamists, and someone would bother to check on their ammunition purchases and inventory of bomb making supplies.

  • beenthere72

    It appears the FBI has known about this guy for a LONG time: