Kansas Consent Bill Requires Both Parents for Under Age Abortion

Kansas has just greatly increased the restrictions placed on teen girls seeking an abortion, sending a bill to the governor for signature that will require both parents to give written consent.

Via NebraskaTV:

The Kansas Legislature has sent Gov. Sam Brownback a bill requiring doctors to obtain the consent of both parents before performing an abortion on a minor.

The House voted 100-22 on Tuesday to accept the Senate’s version of the bill, allowing it to clear the Legislature. The House passed the bill first, and the Senate made minor amendments.

Brownback is expected to sign the bill. He’s called on lawmakers to create what he called a culture of life.

Previously, the state did not require consent of either parent, only that one parent be notified prior to the procedure.

Teens who are unable to get both parents to supply written consent before an abortion are told they will need to seek a judicial bypass.  So far there is no mention of whether that applies to all teens who only live with one parent due to divorce, death or other issues, or who live with other guardians, a large majority of today’s teens.

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  • beenthere72

    I found the actual bill:




    See page 10 regarding parental consent.   Note that they’ve crossed out all mentions of “fetus” and replaced it with “unborn child”.


    Except in the case of a medical emergency or as otherwise
    provided in this section, no person shall perform an abortion upon an
    unemanicipated minor, unless the person first obtains the notarized written
    consent of the minor and both parents or the legal guardian of the minor.
    (1) If the minor’s parents are divorced or otherwise unmarried and
    living separate and apart, then the written consent of the parent with
    primary custody, care and control of such minor shall be sufficient.
    (2) If the minor’s parents are married and one parent is not available
    to the person performing the abortion in a reasonable time and manner,
    then the written consent of the parent who is available shall be sufficient.
    (3) If the minor’s pregnancy was caused by sexual intercourse with
    the minor’s natural father, adoptive father, stepfather or legal guardian,
    then the written consent of the minor’s mother shall be sufficient. Notice
    of such circumstances shall be reported to the proper authorities as
    provided in K.S.A. 2010 Supp. 38-2223, and amendments thereto.

  • skulander

    Well, looks like job for lawyers is lining up fast in this country. These laws MUST be challenged. Make no mistake: this is a blatant violation of women’s rights, a shameful curtailing of their right to chose. I hope women will bring these matters to court and sue, sue, sue, for as long as it is possible until the attacks on women STOPS. Now. This war on women is outrageous and I HOPE there will be a strong movement of utterly disgusted women speaking loud and clear against this.

  • arekushieru

    Which state was it that was seeking to pass a bill that wouldn’t allow minors to seek a second judicial bypass?