Black Women For Reproductive Justice Responds to Obama Anti-Abortion Billboards

Anti-abortion billboards featuring President Barack Obama and stating that a potential president is aborted every 21 minutes have a media stir in the last 24 hours.  But Black Women for Reproductive Justice, a member of the Trust Black Women Coalition, make it clear that these billboards do the black community on the whole a disservice.

Toni Bond Leonard, BWRJ President/CEO, says “The groups behind these heinous attacks upon Black women care nothing about Black children or the Black community. These are some of the same groups who fought against healthcare reform and oppose government safety net programs that would directly benefit Black women, our families and our communities.” “This billboard and the twenty-nine others they plan to erect are offensive to Black women and the Black community, overall. We saw them cowardly placing the billboards in the dark late last night. These billboards are painting an abhorrent image of Black women as perpetrators of a plan to eradicate the future Black race.” “That they would place these billboards in the Black community with such a despicable lie is reprehensible. It also must not go unnoted that they placed the billboards on the side of a building facing a vacant lot filled with garbage and broken glass. This only further shows their disrespect for Black women and the Black community that all they could think to do was put up billboards telling us Black women are preventing future leaders from being born. What about highlighting the need for economic resources to remove garbage-filled lots in urban areas and creating safe communities,” says Bond Leonard.

The group also points out that the financial backers of the billboards, Heroic Media, are also best known for their fundraising events on behalf of former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  Not exactly the candidate who pops to my mind when I think of advocating for the black community, personally.

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    … for example, the alternative slogan: “Every 21 minutes, another person gets a chance to be President rather than being a teen parent.”


    Of course not everybody getting an abortion is a teen, and having a child at a young age doesn’t necessarily exclude you from the theoretical possibility of becoming President later … but you get the picture. The freedom to choose when you become a parent gives you a better chance of achieving your dreams.