“Vicious Attack On Pro-Lifer” May Not Have Been Attack On Pro-Lifer

The Thomas Moore Society is chastising the police department of Kalispell, Montana for not “taking seriously” what the anti-abortion group is declaring a “vicious” attack on a pro-life protester performing a 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil in front of a local reproductive health clinic.

KAJ18.com reports:

Organizers say the campaign is supposed to be a peaceful one, but on Thursday night at around 6:15, a homemade incendiary device was thrown at an elderly woman participating in the prayer on North Meridian Drive.

Mary Anne Hofmann says she heard an explosion behind her and turned around to discover a water bottle, that was on fire. No one was injured from the explosion and no one saw who threw the bomb or where it came from.

Witnesses don’t believe the incident was taken seriously by authorities, claiming that no evidence was taken from the scene. Some believe the bomb was meant to intimidate them, but say it’s not going to scare them away from their cause.

But the clinic was not the only place to have a home made bombing attempt that day. According to Daily Interlake News:

Law enforcement officials are investigating two homemade explosive devices that were apparently thrown from a vehicle Thursday at two Kalispell locations, including one aimed at a pro-life prayer vigil.

No one was injured, though the devices β€” made up of an unknown chemical, a plastic bottle and aluminum foil β€” did explode.

According to the Kalispell Police Department, the first device was reported by an off-duty officer in front of a department store at Mountain View Plaza at 6:05 p.m. and the second was along Meridian Road at 6:17 p.m.

Kalispell Police Department Lt. Wade Rademacher said detectives still are investigating the reports, but the timing and proximity of the devices appear to point to a sole perpetrator.

β€œIt was the same type of bottle and appeared to have the same types of components,” Rademacher said.

The timing of the incident outside of the clinic, which was only ten minutes from that of the initial explosion, would suggest the possibility of a crime of convenience versus an attempt to solely terrorize and harm an anti-choice protester, but police will be continuing to investigate and will likely learn more once the bomber is caught.

Either way, we hope that all of the potential violence in Kalispell is over and the perpetrator is caught quickly.

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  • progo35

    Or, it could have been that the person doing the bombing happened to hate pro lifers and took the opportunity to express that while also bombing other sites.

  • ack

    I’ll be shocked if the perpetrator is tied to any pro-choice groups. There is NO EXCUSE for engaging in terrorism; we’ve firmly held that stance and will continue to do so. We engage people in activism and discussion, and we do not incite violence.


    I worry that whoever this person is, they may escalate. Whatever the motive, if someone is cruising around town tossing homemade bombs out of a moving vehicle, they need to be caught. Someone could have been hurt, and this could have been a trial run for something bigger. I find it hard (though certainly not impossible) to believe that the police aren’t taking this seriously. Kalispell has a population of 125k, so they probably don’t lack the capacity for a full investigation.

  • prochoiceferret

    Man, you know physical fitness is really going down the tubes in this country when anti-choice clinic bombers can’t even throw a Molotov cocktail properly.

  • immortalone

    i know these kids that supposedly did this and they are fifeteen and sixteen years old. they are accused of  throwing a toilet bowl cleaner bomb as a prank. they should have known better but made a mistake. the kalispell police department went about everything wrong and made themselves into a public embarassment. now they are charging the fifeteen year old with a felony and hes the only one that was arrested. now that kid is in jail and scared. hes never been in trouble before and comes from a good family.