In Illinois, Women Are Cattle — Literally

Sometimes it seems like women are treated like breeding stock by Republicans when it comes to reproductive autonomy.  But in Illinois, Rep. Darlene Senger, of Naperville proved it by putting a bill she sponsored regarding regulating clinics that perform abortions in front of the state’s agriculture committee rather than a health committee.  Opponents of the bill, unhappy that women were being treated like cattle, responded with cow t-shirts.

Via The Chicago Tribune:

Connell and other opponents of the bill wore T-shirts to the hearing that featured a picture of a cow and included the “Women are not livestock” slogan to question why a bill dealing with health issues was being heard in the agriculture committee.
Connell said the only reason she can come up with is that the committee has a long track record of being “hostile to abortion rights.”
“They put it in this committee so they could try to ram it on to the floor of the General Assembly and hope that nobody was paying attention to the real health consequences of this,” Connell said. “So I think that we ought to be calling, ‘Shame, shame, shame,’ on Rep. Senger and the members of the Agriculture Committee, who may have expertise in regulating muskrats and fertilizer and heifers and road kill, but women I respectfully submit are not livestock.”
Senger said she did not know why her bill was assigned to the committee and that she did not specifically request it be heard there.
“I don’t know, these committees have been all over the place this time. I’ve got some other bills in some crazy places right now too,” Senger said.
When asked if the ideological makeup of the committee was the reason for the bill’s assignment, Senger said, “I couldn’t comment on that.”

But Steve Brown, spokesman for House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, said the legislation went to the committee at Senger’s request.

The regulation bill is yet another TRAP law attempt that applies additional and burdensome regulations to clinics in an attempt to force them to shut down. Many states are considering these unconstitutional bills, but no other legislature has been so blatant about calling women animals meant for breeding.

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  • stacey

    HB 1919, the perversely-named “Ultrasound Opportunity Act,” was also assigned to the ag committee in Illinois. 

    Maybe women in Illinois could save money by just going to veterinarians.

  • princess-jourdan

    Once again, as the former Miss Illnois, I am really ashamed of my state right now. :(

  • beenthere72

    There was another state that did something similar.  Here it is:



    And I know it was reported here too.  

  • goatini

    State Rep. Keith Regier Rangers (R-MT): “Ranchers refer to cows as either preg-tested or open. A preg-tested cow is a cow that has been tested by a veterarian and confirmed to be pregnant. Open cows are not pregnant. Preg-tested cows bring a higher price than open cows…Why does it bring a higher price? Because the calf the cow is carrying has a value even though it isn’t completed. If unfinished buildings and unborn cows have a value in Montana, shouldn’t unborn children have a value?”



  • socorro-sultan

    that’s shameful, maybe they should undergo psychological tests..heheh…humans are for humans, animals for animals, right?

  • princess-rot

    The calf has a “value”, I noticed, that extends to either captive breeding to expand the herd, factory milking, or being slaughtered for consumption and profit once it’s born.


    You know, a bit like pro-lifers tend to do with real children.


    Send some off to die on battlefields for oil, and make it impossible for the ones who aren’t independently wealthy to escape poverty, get healthcare, educate, clothe and feed themselves. Make everyone who isn’t wealthy, white, and male subject to harmful and recursive laws that punish them for existing. Destroy infrastructure so that the only jobs are crappy ones that don’t pay a living wage. Force poor women to breed more to create a desperate underclass who can be milked and exploited. Make working and living conditions unsafe by refusing to address pollution issues. Buy elections and bust unions so that citizens have no recourse for these violations.


    Factory milking, forcible breeding, consumption, slaughter for profit and captive herds. Value the unborn as long as they can be used to oppress someone born. Pro-life, my ass.

  • saltyc

    I am often wordless when people talk about the “value” of a ZBEF. Even when Francis Kissling says something to the effect that we pro-choicers don’t “value” the fetus enough. Now you’ve pinned it down for me. People make value, things are given a value by people. People have rights. Value is ascribed to people when viewed as a resource by capitalists.